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WordPress Reset plugin: One of the main components of WordPress success is the ability to add new functionality through plugins. The advantage of using plugins is the ability to enable/disable as needed and the fact that the functionality is realized by code written exclusively in the plugin files. This way, you can upgrade WordPress and themes more worry-free.

It would be best if you took care to install only those plugins that you know for sure will improve the operation and maintenance of your website. Too many plugins can give you a headache, and page speed drops significantly.

Remember that unforeseen problems in WordPress can also occur. Accidental deletion of users or core files, white screen of death, or similar situations can permanently damage the website. If you choose the right plugin, everything can be restored and adjusted in just a few clicks.

WP Reset can be the ideal solution for all your fears of deleting any critical data or codes. This plugin does not require any additional coding knowledge, so you can let it do its part of the job as the best developers and fix everything that makes you have a headache. It will be your personal WordPress Superhero with its Emergency Recovery Tool.

This tool always works, even when you cannot log in to the website, even though you know you entered your username and password correctly. The team of great developers created this completely separate script to recover your website in the worst situations.

With the help of this tool, it is possible to access all installed plugins, adjust theme settings, detect if something is missing between core files, restore a randomly deleted user or create a completely new one.

Like Windows OS, where the blue screen of death appeared, in WordPress, you can experience the “white screen of death”. In other words, everything is white, with no text, images, or links. If you are lucky, the white death screen will only appear in the back-end, and you will not be able to access the administrative part of the website. Sometimes a white screen of death can occur in the front-end, and visitors to your site see only a white screen. When this happens, many users do not know what to do, a slight panic begins. But if you have WP Reset plugin installed, this will not be a problem for you. It is not time for panic. You just need to enable your emergency recovery script.

Perhaps the Emergency recovery tool is WP Reset’s most impressive weapon. However, this plugin offers many other features.

Snapshots are simple, like undo in Word!

If you are one of those users who presses the “next” button on every update or new installation and finally realizes that you messed up many things, this tool is an excellent thing for you.

With the help of the snapshots tool, you can easily do an undo to the state of the page before you created the problem yourself. Using this tool is so simple that you feel like you press undo in a Word document. The task of the tool is to automatically make snapshots before each of your essential activities on the website. Best of all, you are not limited to the number of snapshots, and each snapshot takes up very little space on your hosting account.

It can also connect to Dropbox or Google Drive so that you can create your snapshot gallery there.

Collections – Install plugins & themes in bulk in one click.

You have made your list of ideal plugins that your website must-have. Why install each plugin individually when you can complete the installation of all the plugins from the list in an exquisite way? And all that just in a minute!

Just run Collections in the WordPress Reset plugin and add all those plugins from your list. You can create as many collections as you want, save them to a cloud account, add an unlimited number of plugins and themes to them, and the like.

You can also store license keys safely and securely in your collections.

Nuclear Site Reset will become your favorite cleaner.

Have you ever wished that WordPress had that option ctrl + alt + delete with which you would start all over again?

And this is possible with the WordPress Reset plugin. Nuclear Site Reset tool is so powerful that it will take you back to the beginning and first steps of creating your site in just 30 seconds. You will hardly find a better cleaner than Nuclear Site Reset. It will clean everything literally. Ok, not at all everything – you will only save your user account from cleaning.

White-Label Option – Hide everything that bothers your eye.

A white label refers to a marketing or manufacturing process in which one company creates a product or service and then rebrands them to make the product or service look theirs.

For companies, especially small companies with limited time, money, and resources, white label services offer excellent opportunities to compete with more significant players in their field. It is because white labeling allows companies to expand their customer service offerings without developing a particular product or service on their own. If you are creating a website for a client and do not want to display the company’s logo that made the plugin or do not want to display license info, WP Reset has that possibility too. Just enable the White-Label Option and quickly hide all these information.

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