Top 5 Interesting Big Data Applications in Education

big data in education

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Big data in education: Big data has become the talk of the town in recent years. It is revolutionizing the way we use information. As there is so much information that is generated every second, it is important to make the most of it. Data scientists are continuously striving to make a sense of things.

The education sector is also trying to leverage the power of big data apart from the business world to make better decisions. Student data is used by modern institutions to better understand the experience students have to educate them better. 

Big data allows schools to modify the education system for offering students a wholesome learning plan. 

If you are curious about the applications of big data in education, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at some of its most interesting applications. 

Big Data Applications in Education

Similar to how companies have to deal with data related to their customers, employees, partner corporations, and finances, educational institutions also need to handle student data.

With thousands of students enrolling in various institutes each year in a diverse range of courses, there is tremendous data is generated. Some of the student data consists of student ID, course details, exam grades, enrollment year, and marks obtained in each subject. 

By analyzing the performance of students, educational institutions can play a huge role in nurturing the career of students. Let’s take a look at the applications of big data in education.

1. Improved Student Results

One of the main big data applications in education is improved student results. The easiest way to analyze the performance of students is by evaluating their grades for assignments, projects, and exams. 

By accumulating these grades, it is possible to establish a unique data trail of each student.

Educators can greatly benefit from the analysis of these data trails as they help them better understand the performance and behavior of students. Some of the actions that can be monitored with big data are mentioned below.

  • Response Time of Each Exam Question
  • Questions Skipped
  • Sources Used by Students to Educate Themselves
  • Questions Successfully Answered

Students can expect enhanced feedback about their performance with the help of real-time analysis. This feedback will help improve their results considerably as they can understand which areas come easy to them and which areas they experience trouble with. 

2. Better Grading System

Another interesting big data application in education is a better grading system. Educators can keep track of the performance of students with the help of big data. 

The analysis allows them to better understand the performance of students from an individual level and a collective level.

Educators can make the most of the statistical analysis of individual grades for understanding the areas of interest among the students. This would enhance the grading system by highlighting key areas where students truly excel. 

Teachers can leverage the system to provide valuable feedback to their students and help them choose the best career path. There are plenty of big data tools that can be used for monitoring and analyzing the performance and behavior of students in real-time. 

Students can take on new projects such as creating a startup model for a digital marketing company and be graded with the help of big data. 

3. Gaining the Attention of Students

The world of today can be a distracting place to live in. With so many distractions, it has become extremely difficult for students to pay attention and focus on their studies. However, big data can help educators gain the attention of students.

No matter how hard teachers try to get students to pay attention, there are bound to be some inattentive students that keep staring at their phones or doodling the time away. In order for a lecture to be effective, everyone has to pay attention. 

The experts of big data are planning to use biometric data of the students including facial expressions, heart rate, and the objects they touch for monitoring just how attentive each student actually is. 

The information can either be obtained by encouraging students to wear a smartwatch or using cameras.

Once the data is sent to the teacher, they can take the necessary steps for regaining the attention of the students. 

4. Customized Programs

Next, a big data application that is making great strides in the education sector is customized programs. Educators can finally create a completely customized program for their students based on their attention span, interests, and grades.

There is also a possibility to provide blended learning consisting of online and offline learning opportunities. 

These customized programs will enable students to access the study material during the lecture and online whenever and wherever they want. This allows them to study at their own pace.

In addition to the above, the modern programs would also make sure that students can seek guidance from their teachers. MOOCs are also offering this type of blended learning. 

More students can learn online when online classes are offered. They can find study material that they might not otherwise be able to access and understand concepts from the comfort of their home.

5. Reduce the Number of Dropouts

Finally, big data can play a huge role in helping reduce the number of dropouts. Curbing the number of students that drop out of college is an interesting application of big data. 

It would involve the use of predictive analysis for determining which students might leave their studies in the near future. 

The analysis will focus on the performance of students during the entire year to predict whether they would drop out or not. Thus, institutions would be able to execute a plan to ensure that students continue to study.  


Big data is incredibly powerful. It can be used by educational institutes for analyzing how students perform during and after college. From helping improve student results to preventing students from dropping out, there is nothing that big data cannot help with.

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