Do Not Miss These 5 Scenic Areas to visit during the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
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The Grand Canyon’s West Rim is located inside the Hualapai Tribal Reservation not far from the National Park and has a wild, Western feel about it.

If you want to visit the Grand Canyon without dealing with the South Rim’s crowds, head to the West Rim. The Grand Canyon’s West Rim is significantly more accessible from Las Vegas and offers numerous unique breathtaking vistas and experiences (like the Skywalk! ), despite providing less famous views of the Canyon. Here are five beautiful locations you should check out while on the Grand Canyon Helicopter tour:

1. Enter the Wild West at the Hualapai Ranch

At the Hualapai Ranch, you may take part in a range of activities like horseback riding along the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, wagon rides, a cowboy picnic, and professional gunfighter shows. The Hualapai Ranch is a fun wild west town with a main street that has a livery, stables, a trading post, a dance hall in the western style, and even an old west jail.

2. Stroll across the Skywalk Bridge

Any adrenaline enthusiast must visit the Skywalk, which is a must-see attraction. Over 4,000 feet above the canyon floor, the glass walkway hangs. The Skywalk offers several vistas of the canyon and the Colorado River. Look down and you can see clearly through the glass platform to the bottom of the Canyon below. 

3. A tour of the Canyon by helicopter

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one of the most thrilling ways to view the canyon from the air. During this amazing helicopter journey, you may see Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Grand Canyon West from above in breathtaking detail. You will also have an exciting landing at the bottom of the canyon with a view of the powerful Colorado River.

4. Hike the Havasu Canyon 

Havasu Canyon is a paradisiacal valley with towering red sandstone cliffs beneath an azure sky, turquoise rivers cascading into travertine pools, and graceful willows and supercilious cottonwoods providing shade and greenery.

5. Experience the Canyon by visiting these Viewpoints

There is much more to enjoy at Eagle Point, which was named after a natural rock structure that resembles an eagle, even if the Skywalk is undoubtedly the main attraction. Visit Guano Point to experience living on the brink. 

Go through this list and have a marvellous Grand Canyon Tour experience. Bon Voyage

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