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Beaches in USA

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When it comes to traveling abroad in search of things to do on the beaches in USA, you have a number of options. Although the U.S.A is a large country covering a vast stretch of North America, with Alaska to the north and Hawaii stretching the southern extent of the country, major Atlantic Coast cities are New York and major international finance and cultural center. Midwestern metropolises like Chicago are famous for their architecture and, further west, Los Angeles is famous not only for its movie industry but for its sprawling city lifestyle. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia completes the list of things to do on the beach in the USA and is often included when tourists search for beach resorts in the area.

There are other things to do on the beach in the USA besides rest and relaxation. Like many other parts of the world, beaches provide great places to go for water sports, especially if you are traveling on a vacation through the northern hemisphere. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, there is a variety of windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking experiences to explore. There are also all-terrain vehicles for ATV and dirt bikes to experience.

If you are traveling in the summer, there are more things to do on the beach in the USA than relaxing on the beaches. Depending on the season, you can enjoy beach sports such as water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, and wakeboarding. During colder seasons, things to do on the beach in the USA can include things like sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. If you want to discover a uniquely American experience, take a cruise to a popular beach resort.

The Most Romantic Beaches in the Country

A lot of people think that the USA is the place to go for the best romantic beaches in the world. The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea provide a lot of beaches, some public and some private, for honeymooners to spend their vacations on. There are even beaches that are within a day’s drive of major cities like New York and San Francisco, which means couples can spend more time together while they’re on vacation. One thing that people don’t think about is that there are actually beaches in other parts of the country, places like Oregon and Hawaii. When you visit these beautiful states and spend time on the more remote beaches, you’ll notice that there are some differences between them and the romantic beach resorts of Florida and California.

Top 5 Romantic Beaches 

• Oregon Beach Bill –

The Oregon Beach Bill is an amendment that grants absolute access to public beach access throughout the entire Oregon coastal area. It also recognizes exclusive public easements of all oceanic beach locations up to the point of surfacing, inclusive of any water body or island, as well as all undeveloped land that affects such sea-side public rights of access. This means the public now has free and unlimited use of Oregon beaches. Not only does it open up Oregon beaches to all citizens without the necessity of a license, but it also ensures that the right to enjoy Oregon’s beaches remains completely free and sacrosanct. This is a victory for the people of Oregon and for all Americans who value the right to enjoy a day at the beach as much as anyone else. It is truly a win/win situation for all involved.

• Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is located on the eastern shores of Cape Hatteras island in South Carolina. It is synonymous with beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, fishing, boating, and other activities related to the seas. Tourists come from far across the United States, Europe, and even from overseas to experience the great Atlantic culture. It has been a popular destination for many years because of its sizzling nightlife, great food, and various forms of entertainment. There are so many things to do at Myrtle Beach. 

• Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island is located on Florida’s panhandle between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is home to an active volcano that may not erupt anytime in the near future. For your next vacation spot, consider Sanibel Island Florida, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico that’s off the coast of Port Charlotte, Florida. The following article is sponsored by the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, and the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau, who were recently asked to visit Fort Myers and Sanibel on separate occasions for a few days of fun, beautiful white sand beaches, delicious seafood, and hot air ballooning!

• Dewey Beach, Delaware

Dewey Beach Delaware is located on the Delaware and New Jersey border. In recent years, this popular beach destination has blossomed into a full-fledged resort community, housing hundreds of hotels and marinas. As of this writing, Dewey Beach has one of the largest populations of Cape May, New Jersey shore communities with over 20% of the total population living in a rented condo or apartment. The condo market in southern Delaware is hotter than ever, and buyers can enjoy phenomenal deals as long as they plan ahead and search carefully.

• Malibu, California

If you are looking for a beautiful, serene, and fun place to visit in Southern California, Malibu is definitely one of the places to go. This is a small but beautiful city on the ocean side of the San Fernando Valley and is well-known for its sandy beaches, golf courses, shopping centers, and other attractions. If you opt to play golf, make sure that you have stored your golf equipment in a cool golf bag rain cover so you can play well. There are three main districts in Malibu: Point Dume, Malibu Canyon, and Malibu City. The hotels in Malibu are all located near or on the beach and many offer special packages to visitors wanting to stay at a particular hotel for a certain amount of time. You can get to Malibu by taking the famous Las Angeles to Malibu express train, which can take you between the two towns with ease.

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