Finding Your Personal Style.

Personal Style
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Styling is something that talks about your choices. It all starts from your childhood days. Even at that time, everyone is conscious of their likes and dislikes. This sense of dressing makes every person completely different from others. Know finding your personal style in this article

Fashion and styling are different terms that are used interchangeably most of the time. However, these terms hold an individual meaning to them. Fashion is the trend going on for a certain period followed by the masses. Whereas, styling defines one’s interpretation of that fashion. There are multiple fashion trends prevailing at one time, while styling you align some fashion accessories and blank apparel that represent your inclination. 

This difference is the one prominent factor which helps one define its individuality. Our closet gets unnecessarily full of clothes when we are not aware of our choices. We get affected by our friends, family, colleagues and our partner’s choices most of the time. Finding your true style becomes too difficult when you let others dictate their views. It’s better to introspect your desires and how you wanna express yourself to the world. Scroll down to get some tips and find out how you can master this art. 

1. Look into Your Closet:

The very first step of getting a sense of your styling is to look at what you have collected for ages. You will find a lot of clothes that you haven’t used for a long time now. Another thing to keep in mind is the patterns and prints collection. You must be doing this subconsciously but there is something very common among all these clothes. These small details will help you figure out your style.

2. Find Your Fashion Inspiration:

Everyone admires someone in their life. It’s just not about their intellect but also how they style themselves. This person may be a television presenter, a celebrity, your friend, or some fellow worker. You need to find whose style makes your inner fashionista happy. Following their particular look or styling technique may help you figure out what lies inside of you.

3. Create A Wishlist:

Creating a wishlist is another significant trick to make things easier for you. The idea behind this tip is to sort out things from such a big big fashion world out there. It helps you to add and delete that you may like to buy at a moment and then get time to reconsider its necessity. A wishlist helps you get hold of your money and choices too.  

4. Pick A Few Signature Pieces:

Having a signature piece is a mandatory clause. There must be something that distinguishes you from everyone in the room. It reflects your love for a particular style. These signature pieces must be mixed match which suits you and makes you stand out in the crowd. There are no rules to this tip. It solely depends on your creativity and implementation technique.

5. Don’t play by the rules:

There are no such styling rule books authorised by fashion gurus. Some fashion police people may try to teach you how to dress up, but that’s all should be avoided completely. Big and established fashion brands are never seen following any particular trend for a long time. Fashion designers always play with unexpected colours, styles and wardrobe combinations. So, never let anyone correct you about your style. Your unconventional yet trendy styles always need a fresh shuffle. So keep playing with your creativity. At end of the day, it must belong to you.

6. Think Less About Fast Fashion:

Fast fashion has taken a toll on our pockets, environments and styling sense for sure. Fast fashion doesn’t let you configure your true choices. It comes and goes so fast that you are not able to hold on to something for a longer time. So. just let it be. Focus on timeless and classic things more. These add elegance and poise to your style.

7. Play Dress-Up With Your Clothes:

Remember how you dressed up in your mother’s clothes when you were a small kid. You never let anyone judge or interfere in your creativity even being so young. You need to do this quite often to find out what is stored in your mind.  This easy trick lets you play with your looks every day with a limited collection of clothes. 

8. Reconsider trends:

As we discussed fast fashion will not let you decide what you need. You may see your favourite celebrity or fashion icon wearing some new trends for now. You will always have an urge to get the same or similar trend in your closet. But you need to understand the fact that admiration does not always mean a requirement. You may fall for that trendy outfit or accessory but reconsider its usage and suitability with your lifestyle in the longer run.

9. Your Favourite Brands:

Since you started analysing brands, there is always one brand which you admire wholeheartedly. Their collection is always impressive to you. Question yourself -why do you like this brand? Is it all about name or comfort? Is spending money on this particular merchandise from this so high prized brand worth it? All these questions will save your money and time the next time you go shopping.

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