5 Factors To Contemplate When Purchasing A Karaoke Machine

Karaoke Machine

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Karaoke started in Japan as a pastime but became famous and widely used across the globe for many years. Karaoke is a fun pastime as it allows you to invite friends and family over dinner at home and spend some good quality time with each other. Karaoke is one of the best activities for socializing. It also brings out the hidden talents of people who have always wished to sing with music but have never got the chance to do so.

Benefits of Karaoke

Karaoke has proved to increase the self-esteem and confidence of people. And here are some benefits:

  • Stress buster

Singing boosts your mood and relieves stress after a long tiring day at work. The Karaoke system is carried by people when they go on vacations. The music provided by the system proves to be helpful and encourages everybody to sing their hearts out

  • Singing keeps your mood happy

If given an option to sing loudly with background music, the song you are always humming in your mind or in your bathroom can make you feel extremely happy. Singing your favorite song can release the endorphins into your brain, which is extremely healing and a feel-good factor.

  • Gives the attention you seek

Singing is one form of art. In Karaoke, when you start singing, you become the show star! 

Everyone’s eyes are on you. Participating in singing gives you attention.

  • Strengthens connections

Karaoke is not about the voice quality but the entertainment factor. When everyone in the room enjoys the activity and encourages each other to sing irrespective of the voice quality, the relaxed atmosphere strengthens the connections with no judgments.

  • Brings out emotions

Singing from the heart brings out feelings and emotions. Showing emotions is a way to reach and connect with the audience.

Everybody has a hankering to howl out their favorite songs, and having your machine is a must. But there are certain things that you need to consider when buying a karaoke machine that will pay off your investment.

Usage of Karaoke machine

Understand who would be using the setup the most. If you buy it for the kids, you don’t have to worry much or get sophisticated features. A machine with beautiful features for kids like colored buttons, flashing lights, and bright colored machines is enough to keep the kids attracted and engaged.

However, if you buy a machine for adults, buy an exclusive one with features like echo effects, pitch control, portability factors, easy setup, good microphone, mixer only, speaker and mixer combinations, and a screen displaying the lyrics, and much more.

Types of Karaoke machines

Each machine available in the market or at Shoptroniks online site has a mix of these features. Different elements are combined in different sets of machines to get the full karaoke experience.

  1. All-in-one Microphones

It consists of a small speaker, microphone, and a mixer. You will have to add a screen to play the lyrics by connecting to a smartphone or tablet. It is the cheapest device that is portable and has a small speaker.

  1. Mixer only Karaoke machine

This type of machine includes only a mixer and sometimes a microphone. You will have to add a speaker and a screen for the lyrics. Some models come with a CD player allowing you to use CD+G discs. On other devices, they allow you to use MP3+G Files and DVDs.

This device is very versatile and portable.

  1. Mixer and Speaker combination

This type of machine consists of a mixer, speaker, and microphone. This is not generally tough to set up. It can be connected straight to your TV using Bluetooth or RCA Cables. There are plenty of models available, and there is no need for an external speaker.

All-in-one karaoke machines

This device includes everything you need to play on a device, such as a speaker, microphone, screen to play the lyrics, and a mixer. The all-in-one design karaoke machines are limited compared to the mixer only or mixer and speaker karaoke machines. They mostly work by connecting to smart devices and allow you to use DVDs, MP3+G, and CD+G discs.

They usually look the heaviest in design but are pretty much portable.

Karaoke Machine

5 factors to contemplate while buying the Karaoke machine

  • Portability

This factor is important if you want to carry the machine on vacations or to a friend’s house for a dinner party. Make sure the unit is light to carry to different venues. If you are buying the unit for one location only, you don’t have to worry about the portability factor. But it is important to go for a unit that takes up a smaller space in your home.

  • Cost

This purely depends on the type of machine you purchase. The range of features decides the price range, the more features, the higher the price. Before making the purchase, mark your budget

  • Sound Quality

This should include balance control, echo control, pitch control, and tone control. These are important factors when somebody is singing. This option helps in adjusting the song pitch and helps you sound better in a different way.

  • Database of songs

Some Karaoke machines have the songs stored on the chips and CDs, while others have pre-programmed song databases. Consider the size of the database while buying the karaoke machine to get an idea of how many songs can be stored.

  • Graphics of the video

The lyrics are generally projected onto the TV screen. Imagine reading the lyrics in a Home Theater LCD Projector and water dancing speakers placed on the side. Reading the lyrics on a large screen is a treat to the eyes.

It’s just fun!

A research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science in 2015, states that strangers who sang together as a community bonded faster than those involved in other activities like painting or crafts or any other form of art.

If you are looking for the best Karaoke machine, Shoptroniks has the best of them in-store. Let your voice shine amongst your friends and family forever. It’s a portable device that can be carried anywhere by simply running a karaoke app on your Apple TV or any other smart TV. 

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