How Do You Create A More Eco-Friendly Environment Using Knauf?


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Knauf materials and products help in solving the problems of sustainable design, which are encountered each day when planning the construction of commercial buildings, hospitals as well as higher educational facilities, multi-family housing and schools.

Knauf Safeboard offers Guide Specification documents that provide specifications for the product as well as information on application to help you in designing pipe mechanical and construction equipment along with ventilation systems to help with insulation.

The purpose of these types of systems is to offer energy efficiency, and to decrease carbon dioxide emissions by providing a more relaxing indoor space with improved acoustics as well as improved air quality in the interior.

The final result is reduced cost of energy and improved indoor quality of the environment, while conserving natural resources while lessening carbon footprint.

Utilising Knauf Products along with ECOSE(r) Technology will not only help create a more relaxing indoor area, but will also preserve the outdoor surroundings too.

Ecobatt The Next Generation Of Sustainable Insulation

Knauf performance plus Insulation isn’t similar to any other insulation that you’ve ever seen. It’s because it’s natural, natural brown colour is the level of sustainability that has never been achieved before.

The colour originates from ECOSE Technology; a revolutionary binder chemistry which improves the longevity and sustainability of the products we provide. “The “binder” is the glue that holds this glass wool in place and provides it with the form it has as well as its brown colour.

ECOSE Technology is a plant-based ecologically sustainable chemistry that can replace the formaldehyde and phenol (PF) binder previously used to make glass wool.

EcoBatt Insulation combines sand, one of the world’s most abundant resources, recycled bottle glass and ECOSE Technology to create the next generation of sustainable insulation…naturally from Knauf Insulation.

Knauf Insulation- A New And Innovative Green Roof Concept

Detention Roof Detention Roof can be an important tool in combating the negative consequences of climate change. The roof which is climate-adaptive may be utilised alongside existing solutions for underground use, such as bios wales, filtration crates, and even tanks for rainwater.

The investment in visible and above-ground solutions doesn’t only increase awareness, but also provides additional benefits.

Green roofs are an important element in reducing the temperature of the surrounding. They can also help control the temperature of the building, boost biodiversity, and increase the lifespan of the roofing. Additionally, green roofs can provide added value to the financials of buildings.


Water and Detention Roof Policies

Detention Roof Can be described as a device to control storm water which maximises the amount of space within a building. By using the Detention Roof the sewer system is able to be drain in the event of severe storms or rainfall which last for a lengthy duration and floods are avoided.

Due to these remarkable characteristics, a construction project is able to be in line with the requirements and wishes that are stipulate through government officials (local) government and the water board through an Detention Roof.

Proven And Tested

Many international partners like Knauf Soundshield plus and Sempergreen are in the core of the design of the Detention Roof design.

Together with independent scientists, the group has conducted studies on Green roofs that are most effective with respect to the slow drainage of water within the Green Roof Diagnostics research lab in the United States for many years.

In a simulation in the lab, severe rain showers were generate in the lab to evaluate the efficacy of various green roofs that are water-saturate environment. The clever Detention Roof concept was create through these tests.

Four Layers of Construction Each With Their Impact

Detention Roof Detention Roof is an environmentally friendly, light roof made up of four distinct layers. Each layer is distinctive and comes with its own unique design, which provides the most effective results.

Due to the structure of the Detention Roof the Detention Roof can temporarily hold rainwater and hold back runoff until fully saturated.

The saturate weight in Detention Roof Detention Roof has be calculate to be about. 90 kg/m2. 90 kg/m2. Detention Roof is simple to up and can be use to be install on roof slopes that range from 5 to zero degrees.

Benefits Of Knauf Insulation Products

Fire Safety

The ability to withstand fire of the insulation permits it to provide an ineffective fire protection. The measurement of the amount to which the insulation or the system could assist in the development and spread of the fire, particularly during the early stages of a fire, where evacuation is crucial.

All insulation materials have the Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification as per Standard BS EN13501: Fire Classification of construction components and building materials.

This aids specifiers to understand the quantity of “fuel” that could be add to the structure, and the way in which a material may aid in the various phases of development that happen in the course of a fire.

A majority of our material is non-combustible. It also offers the highest possible Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification rating. The use of non-combustible materials minimizes the chance that the material used in construction may contribute to the spread of the fire or aid in the spread of fire.

Fire protection classifications are generally explain by time duration for the protection against fire. These classifications are on idea of the strength (E) as well as the thermal insulation (I) and the capacity to support the load (R) of building materials.

Simply state, this is how elements are together or separately — prevent fire from spreading the fire, how they regulate temperature fluctuations and how elements’ capacity to support the loads is maintain.

Features & Benefits

  •         Primarily made of sand, one of the largest sources
  •         The energy embodied in the batts is less than batts that are traditional
  •         The binder is also renewable, and fast removes petroleum-based chemicals
  •         Do not have formaldehyde Acrylics and phenols and synthetic colours.
  •         High Recycled Content
  •         Reached UL Environment claim validation for more than 50% recycled glass content

In contrast to asbestos – and fiberglass insulations earthwool can be rougher on the skin and more resistant to irritation when it is use for long durations.

In comparison to other products, 70mm i stud section is smaller and less “crunchy” and also produces smaller dust particles when handling. This reduces the chance of inhaling dust particles that are fine while cutting or manipulating 12.5mm Knauf Fireshield plasterboard.

Superior Sound Absorption

Earthwool insulation is excellent for its job of stopping your walls from permitting outside noise enter your home, and blocking walls from transmitting sound from the inside to the outside.

This is a way to drastically reduce the volume of background noise. You can even play instruments or play films or music at the highest volume, with no one other than you.

Enhanced Thermal Performance

If it is installed properly in wall or ceiling crawlspaces, Knauf Fireshield 1.2 x 2.4 blocks excessive sunlight’s heat from getting into your living and work spaces.

In addition, it also helps keep the cold air created through your cooling system warm by preventing it from absorbing heat from the outside too rapidly.

Lower Energy Bills

Spaces constructed by Earthwool insulation will remain warmer or cooler for a longer time. This means that you are able to lower the temperature setting for your AC and heater. This will save you money on your monthly energy bills.

If you own a residence that is power by solar energy, earthwool insulation can make AC and electric heating for your home.

No Formaldehyde Or Petroleum-Based Additives

Formaldehyde and petroleum products are often employ as additives utilize in the traditional building of insulation. In general, you’ll be removing as little items from your house that you are able to.

It is free of formaldehyde, and contains less petroleum-based substances than other fibreglass products. It is therefore more secure for those living in areas that are treat in comparison to conventional fibreglass.

Created From Recycled Materials

Knauf standard wallboard produces Earthwool composed of at least 72mm of metal track recycled that allows the process of manufacturing to use less energy than making the product from virgin glass.

This allows the production of Earthwool to less stress on the environment it is compare to other insulation materials.

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