Do You Need a Website Translation?

Website Translation
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Have you considered the importance of website translation? It’s often overlooked by many marketing experts, but it can really transform your company. So, how does website translation services work, and what are the benefits? Who might not benefit from it?

Website Translation

If your business is multilingual, you need to have a translator! That’s where CTS comes in. The company will help translate your website, marketing material and social media content. You can also choose to hire one of their representatives in certain key target markets to assist with promotion and information sharing best practices.

Types of Translations

Most websites translate to around 70% of their visitors. There are a lot of different translation types for you to choose from, and these options offer varying costs and benefits. Different translation methods also apply to different devices, so it’s important that your website is optimized for the appropriate device and set-up. Many people use content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress, which will help you maintain all languages seamlessly.

Benefits of Website Translation

Websites translated into English may increase your revenue. This is because many people will have a more positive experience when visiting a foreign-language website if it has been translated into English. A study released in March 2013 said that organizations that translate their websites into English had a 30 percent increase in sales and a 5 percent increase in organic SEO traffic during that time period, which shows how powerful translation can be for your business.

What Is the Best Way to Implement a Site Translation?

Many companies decide to turn to translation services for their websites, but not every company needs it. A website translation needs to comply with the standards of compliance. If your company is targeting a specific audience then you may not need web translations at all. In order for a site translation to work effectively, your web design team will have to adjust your layout appropriately.

Making the most out of the translation services you’ve purchased

If you run a business that is internationally based, whether you are looking to mention your location or service, translating most of your website into Spanish or English is surprisingly cheap. Many translation services are also capable of converting most languages into English, so by using these translators your site will not only be translated quickly but it will be seen by a much larger audience.

How does website translation benefit my business?

Translations can increase a company’s revenue, as many worldwide companies have figured out. It is also a cost-effective way to reach customers because the translation costs incurred are comparatively less to those incurred for other mediums of communication, such as phone support or personal visits. This saves money by speeding up the time from development to publication as well as increasing customer service


Many blog posts may not require a translation, but if you have a hyper-specific niche to your audience, it’s probably a good idea to consider using Translation services to broaden your reach.


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