Ways to Begin Skateboarding in Preparation for Your First Session


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There are many aspects of skateboarding that people often take for granted. While performing tricks, you will need to try one foot at a time so you can see where your one-footed pedal motion ends and the other begins. If you own a skateboard, chances are it is not long enough or heavy enough to allow you to perform effective tricks. For your first session, buy a skateboard and the safety gear before skating.

Warming Up for Skateboarding

For skateboarding, it is important to prepare yourself for the activity by finishing warm-ups. Warming up gives your body time to prepare for the rigors of skating. Begin by walking, running, or dancing for 5 minutes before doing any other mobility work. You can then do some stretches to open yourself up. It is also helpful to begin with a low intensity workout on the stationary bike, elliptical machine, or treadmill. Try focusing on 10-12 repetitions of your prep work before attempting skaters’ tricks. Skateboarding can be an extreme sport which means it isn’t recommended for newbies without proper training and supervision.

The Right Gear

Skateboarding is an exhilarating, empowering experience. If you are new, don’t worry! There is so much to learn about skateboarding that is not necessary before your very first session. Your skateboard will provide you with the basics, but your style of skating is unique and has clues to who you are as a person. Pick out the gear that represents you – whether it’s a shirt with graphic, skirt that stands out or snazzy earrings. That way when people meet on the street or on the boards they will be able to see your personality come through without getting too distracted.

How to Hook Up Your Board

 When you’re just beginning, hooking your board up is not too difficult. That doesn’t mean that you need to worry about finding the perfect balance, only what works best for your body. There are three main types of boards: quad shaped (or symmetric), banana-shaped (or asymmetric) and rounded balls. Before you decide to take your first skateboard into the streets, hook it up properly. You will need to use a long screw to secure the trucks – 5 cm would be the correct size if you check your board at Skates.co.uk. If you’re not confident enough in your choices now, do this before ever taking the skateboard out of its packaging in order to make sure it’s safe and sturdy in transport. Once they are in place (front and back), you will need to tighten and align the kingpins by putting some weight on them and pushing them inward.Finally, adjust the height of the pivot tool so they sit parallel when the board is standing upright.

Tricks in the Sidewalks

To properly avoid obstacles, control your speed, and enjoy the benefits of skateboarding, you must learn the basic tricks. These are simple steps that beginners should be able to master in just a few minutes. Be sure to work slowly and then build off of these materials to advance your skills.

Tips for New Skaters

All new skateboarders have a lot of questions about what to do before going downhill for the first time. With a little preparation, you can save yourself from falling and get on your feet quicker. For people who are new to skateboarding, mastering the board can take quite a bit of time. Even for seasoned skateboarders, it is often hard to know where to begin when it comes to acquiring necessary skills. The article has five tips that are geared towards helping people prepare for their first session. These tips include practicing your balance skills, walking the board, walking heel-to-toe, walking on different surfaces, and staying safe.


Beginner skaters will need to work hard to perfect their technique. Setting up a homemade skateboard ramp can be one possible way to prevent accidents or missteps while learning to skate. You don’t have to spend any money, only about 15-20 minutes are spent building the ramp. Having this space can also serve as a safe play area for kids’ toys

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