Debunking Myths Associated with Online University Classes

Online University Classes

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Online University Classes: Online assignments are very easy and can be done without taking too much pressure. Believe it or not; the reality is just opposite! Even if the college classes have become online in the present New Normal era, university assignments still hold the same importance about attaining good marks in each semester. A lot of students find it too challenging as they take assignments very lightly and end up in a messy situation. You being a fresh college academic and in this situation, might think of online assignment help service for securing good marks. 

Here are some common myths that will be debunked for students like you who are planning to enroll in universities and have great plans for their future: 

Myth no 1: Unlike traditional courses, online courses are way easier

Not at all! 

When you go to college, attend offline classes you always have a broader opportunity of understanding any subject. As soon as you enter this environment it motivates you to do what you are supposed to do in the university. You can have instant discussions with your peers and can even go to your professor for additional assistance if needed. On the other hand, while attending online courses, you may not be in a suitable situation to learn something new or deep think about a particular topic. Still, you need to be very attentive and write down everything that your instructor is discussing. There are certain tools used for online classes but still, more stress is given on writing. You will obviously have options to talk to your friends or even ask for additional help from your professor but there is always a hiccup and again it’s because of your (and most likely your peers or professor’s) environment!

Myth no 2: Online courses do not have any due dates

Who said so? In general, every renowned university maintains a similar offline curriculum structure for their online courses. 

And in such a pandemic situation, where the entire world is shifting to work from home culture, course structures are stricter and designed to meet traditional structure. In a nutshell, your online syllabus will be almost the same as an offline course and will comprise various course topics, readings, discussions, tests along additional activities. It will depend entirely upon you of keeping regular contact with your instructor to understanding course directions, announcements, and assignment deadlines.

Myth no 3: Option of completing all works of a module at a shot

You must be living in cloud nine, aren’t you? Calm down. The answer is a big NO. 

Online courses offered by universities are designed in such a way that they can keep academics engaged and active throughout the sessions or semesters. Often, online courses are manually driven, instructors need their students to log into their course multiple times every week. It is being done to make academics participate in board discussions, get regular announcements, checking course-related emails from university and finish assigned assignments and other activities. These assignments are provided to students in various shapes and sizes and even can be part of a single assignment with different submission dates.

Myth no 4: One can stay anonymous in an online class as it does not require real-time participation

Do not even think of doing so as professors want you to learn about the material of the course at the end of every module or semester. To put it simply, participation is a must or you will have higher chances of losing numbers at the end.

As Instructors are not seeing their students in a conventional environment, they ideate activities for helping you think deeply about the course which requires more thinking and beyond writing. In such online sessions, be it board discussion or group activity; comprise online interactions with your classmates or professor. Thus, it solely depends on you to actively participate in such conversations for meeting course requirements and better understand its resources.

Myth no 5: As I have logged in, I have attended the day’s online class

Students are smart; professors are smarter! Hope you have got my point!

Your professor is always noticing your activities even if you are not sitting in front of him/her in a classroom. They try to find out how curious students are about the course and academics just being online do not show it at all. Attendance is measured through active discussion, submission of assignments, or other content-based activities by instructors for measuring one’s attendance.

To sum it up, there are great advantages of online university classes. Unfortunately, they also have plenty of issues that are being noticed amongst students around the globe. This myth debunks will really help students understanding the value of online courses. However, understanding of the course, confusion with group discussions, board meetings, or announcements can put academics in great trouble as they are stuck at home and need to study even if it is not a suitable study environment. This eventually affects the assignment deadline and students go haywire thinking of buy assignment help services that can help them with doing their assignments so academics can laser focus on their daily online classes.  

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