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Any programming language or framework has multiple advantages if it is an open-source platform. The related developers can have a look through it, make changes and customization in the same, share the whole task code as it is, or make slight changes in the same. This is where WordPress stands firmly today. Here the learning happens two ways- either the developers will copy the whole code, or they will look into the details, understand the same in depth and then deeply analyse how the codes work actually. WordPress Development services are at a boom and the businessperson prefers to have the software coding in WordPress platform.

The free software obviously gives one the flexibility to understand to decide that if they are heading towards the direction in which they want to move then they can definitely fork the code and create a totally new location for its programming.


The developers also keep sharing their forks which can be accessible by others as that is what an open-source platform is all about. So, gratitude to those developers who invested their time and efforts here and made some quick alternatives as well. This reunited the developers to be together at a single platform where all kinds of queries are addressed.

Below mentioned are the existing user forks of WordPress User Avatar:

  1. Orig Individual Avatar by Philip Stracker- It is available only on GitHub.
  2. Customized Individual Avatar by David Artiss- Currently available on GitHub.
  3. One Individual Avatar by Daniel Tara- It is available on and has nine different translations.

The above forks have brought some necessary changes in terms of coding and branding. One Individual and customized Individual Avatar removes all kinds of advertisement from the plugins as well.


User Avatar Plugins, But there are developers who do not want to go ahead with these forks and want to return back to the old functionality only then they can rely on the below mentioned Alternatives.

1. WP Individual Avatar

WP Individual Avatar is a simple plugin by John James Jacoby. It is a straightforward plugin which gives the customers a form to handle their account from their own web page like numerous other devices. It is considered to be unique as it works parallel with other plugins offered by Jacoby. All the plugins work in conjunction with each other. The plugin users can very easily make the selection among them which they want to install.

2. Individual User Photo

Individual User photo is brought by Cozmoslabs which perfectly fits in the mold of the arising pattern. It also provides a block which facilitates the author of the page to output the user’s profile in any form like name, summary, characters, blog posts link etc. on the front end of the website.

Without relevant permission to upload the pictures or image, users cannot pass the Avatar alone through plugins. Hence, the Site admins will provide the gateway by adding an approval plugin into the same.

3. Simple Local Avatars

This avatar introduces the users to a new field to upload the profile image in the User Profile section. Also, it generates the requested size of the image as per demand. Gravatar is fully supported by them and if no local avatar is set for the user, then it creates the default avatars. It also allows you to switch off the Gravatar.  

4. WP Social Avatar

As the name suggests, this plugin allows the user to use their social media profile image as an avatar of their WordPress Blog. It helps the users to quickly rest their image and also, they don’t need to create any different Gravatar account to post that particular image.

5. Avatar Manager

It is considered as one of the powerful plugins which is used to manage the different Avatars on the WordPress Blog. This plugin provides the user with choice to make selection between the custom local avatar and Gravatar.

The new users might find it difficult to navigate the Gravatar. Hence, this plugin makes it easier for all the users to create a unique Avatar of themselves on the site.

6. SVG Avatars Generator

SVG Avatar Generators stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This is considered to be one of the premium avatar plugins for the Word Press and it is basically for the users who want to explore more with the user’s avatar.

This plugin is a retina-ready plugin and is fully responsive and thus the images of the users will definitely look great on any of the modern digital gadgets.

7. Pixel Avatars

It is a privacy-first substitute for Gravatar. It does not give a choice like others to publish a customized avatar but instantly creates a unique character for each and every user with a bit of JavaScript. Actually, Pixel Avatar is not a standalone plugin but is a sub-component of the Toolbelt plugin.

It is developed by Ben Gillbanks who used to have a collection of devices to complete his WordPress tasks of WordPress.

8. List of Authors Avatar

Authors Avatar List Plugin is one of the best plugins for those who have multi users, then this plugin displays the list of user avatars as per the role and work assigned to them on one’s WordPress site.

One of the interesting and unique features about this plugin is that anybody on the site can post along with their Avatar by simply mentioning the email address or inserting individual avatars for each and every single blog user. This plugin also allows users to add a shortcode through its TinyMCE Editor if one wants to display the list of user avatars in the sidebar of the WordPress site.


The above points explain how the avatars create a semantic relationship among the website and their administrators, audiences and also the other people who randomly visit your site. One can customize and give personal touch to the website by using the Avatar images then it helps to connect with the audience or visitors and give them a personalized experience. Thus, User Avatar Plugins, overall Avatars helps to generate the suitable audience for their site.

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