Is CCleaner Safe to Use?


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Microsoft Windows operating system has evolved a lot in the recent past and came up with multiple inbuilt utilities that are required to keep the PC tuned up and optimized. Despite these intuitive utilities that are designed to work manually, we still need an automated tune-up utility to automatically take good care of our PC. CCleaner was rated as one of the best PC cleaner and optimizer utilities around the world however in the recent past, it got a dent in its reputation. Explore everything about CCleaner and why it got into consequences. Is it still safe to use? If not, what can be the Best Alternatives to CCleaner that you can use in 2021?

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is one of the most popular PC optimizer software to optimize, clean and speed up the PC. It has been downloaded and trusted by over 2.5 billion users around the world. It’s an all-in-one optimizer that comes with intuitive features like privacy protection, PC Health Checkup, Application updater, browser optimizer, hard drive optimizer and removes tracking cookies from your PC. CCleaner had been rated as one of the best PC cleaner and optimizer on various portals.

Why CCleaner Isn’t Safe?

In September 2017, CCleaner was detected as malware globally. Hackers replaced the coding with a malicious program to steal information from a user’s computer. CCleaner was designed to safeguard computer and keep them clean however the malicious programming made them vulnerable and a serious threat to sensitive data across the world. The update was released worldwide and it infected millions of users resulting in malfunctioning of PC and compromising information.

CCleaner Safe

The malware infection was spread with two trojans Trojan.Floxif and Trojan.Nyetya with the free trial version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191 as the hackers manipulated the original coding on framework. The malware was designed to collect information about the active programs, IP address and other sensitive information to send it to a third-party service in the US.

When Piriform got hold of the issue, they immediately took precautionary measures and replaced the firmware with the original one. Before they could diagnose and cure this, the infection already hampered over 2 million customer experience who compromised their sensitive information.

CCleaner Features

CCleaner Safe

There are several utilities introduced by CCleaner that can enhance computer performance and stability. Features multiple utilities like CCleaner Browser optimizer, Defraggler, Software updater, privacy protector, real-time monitoring, Startup optimizer, scheduled maintenance, file recovery, Hardware monitoring, and others.

Is CCleaner Safe to Use Now?

One of the topmost ranked performance utility and privacy optimizer until September 2017. This dent has caused millions of users to look for alternatives. Though CCleaner has fixed the malware infection and now safe and secure to use, people have moved to different alternatives and are continuing using it. The matter of fact is, CCleaner is now safe to use!

CCleaner Alternative

CCleaner was never at fault as such kind of malicious attack can happen to any organization and any product. Now that people started looking for CCleaner Alternatives, you can always refer to the best-in-class system optimizers in 2021 that can replace the product.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the most advanced optimizations and cleanup software that can clean junk files, cache, cookies, temporary internet files and other applications. It can remove redundant files of unwanted applications and safeguard your computer from potential malware threats. You can also remove personal information using this intuitive app and disable startup items to load when Windows boot to desktop. Advanced PC Cleanup can enhance PC performance and speed up your computer. Advanced PC Cleanup is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) versions. It’s a cleaner, optimizer, security provider, and file manager for Windows operating system.

Features of Advanced PC Cleanup

·     One-click care for all system-related issues

·     Safe to download, install and a user-friendly utility

·     Inbuilt Game optimizer, Driver backup & Memory optimizer

·     Advanced PC Cleaner is one of the best Alternatives

·     Offers best-in-class system optimizer, cleaner & junk remover service

·     Remove browse cache, cookies and temp files for privacy and security

·     Best Registry Cleaner to optimize and clean invalid registry entries

·     Malware and identity protection to get rid of online trackers

·     Manage Startup Items to boost the system boot time

·     Compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions

Looking for more CCleaner Alternatives? Follow the link for Top 15 CCleaner Alternatives!

Summing Up

CCleaner was one of the best PC cleaner and optimizer available around the world. It has always been ranked as the top PC optimizers for years. There are multiple inbuilt utilities within the app to give complete optimization to the PC. CCleaner was in controversies for quite a long time in 2017s and people started looking for alternatives. Users still question if CCleaner is safe or look for a safe PC Cleaner to install on their PC. Advanced PC Cleanup is the answer to their queries!

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