6 Most Powerful Content Marketing Tactics that Still Work

Content Marketing Tactics

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Content marketing is the oldest and most powerful form of marketing. Other marketing tactics help you reach the audience, but it’s the content that convinces them to spend their money with your business. If that content is not relevant or engaging, there is no point in reaching those people at all. 

This is the reason why content marketing never went out of fashion even after centuries. It has, however, evolved a great deal. Today’s generation has a different mindset and they consume information differently. 

This is why you have to be very smart and think about your content marketing tactics before you make any investments. Here I’ve discussed the most powerful content marketing tactics that will work .

More Landing Pages

You get traffic on your website through landing pages. The more pages you have, the more keywords you will cover, and more people will visit your website. It’s like a customer has entered your shop when someone visits your website. It takes a lot of smart work just to get them to visit you. 

This is why you should do thorough keyword research and try to rank for as many of them as possible. While you can write blogs, you should first prioritize landing pages where you are more likely to get leads. Blogs will help you retain customers and increase brand awareness. 

Make sure each landing page is precise and follows a specific goal. If you are confused with the purpose, your content won’t have any power. 

Create Audience Personas

Before anything else, you should always create audience personas. It’s a content marketing tactic, but useful for a complete digital marketing campaign. Many digital marketers simply follow their hunches and keep their perception of the target audience in their minds. 

It could work, but it’s not very efficient. You should always take the time to study your target audience and create proper personas. An audience persona contains attributes of one class of your prospects. It is likely that you would already know most things about them such as their age and location. Even Google recommends the use of personas in marketing. 

Content Marketing Tactics

However, the research is important so you can get new and more detailed information. For example, you should know how they use the internet, what sites they visit, and how they usually learn about the product or service you offer. 

Segment Your Target Audience

You might have to create more than one persona depending on your target audience. The purpose of creating more than personas is to create targeted content that is most engaging and convincing. You should take a step further and divide those personas into more segments. The four most common types of market segmentation include demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic; however, you need to apply the same technique for audience personas. 

Content Marketing Tactics

For example, you can use a sales funnel to decide the stage of the buyer’s journey. Each stage would have people for all different personas. Likewise, you should do more research and think about segmenting your potential customers. 

This ensures you only provide the information that is more relevant and precise for them. You wouldn’t want to give too much information too soon. 

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the oldest and, to date, one of the most powerful contents marketing tactics. It has more benefits than most digital marketers understand. It powers both content marketing and SEO practices. 

Globex Writing Services is one of the famous agencies that will provide you the high-quality content for guest posting articles. You get a backlink with each post, which is good for SEO. These links are also considered the safest because they feel natural and relevant. It is also content around the links, which makes them more contextual. 

Each post also educates your target audience and sends them directly to your website through the link. This enables you to increase brand awareness and build your personal brand. However, you should take the help of a professional to actually get the desired results. It’s a hectic and time-consuming process that can be made with the help of a guest posting service. 

Email Sequences

Many think that email marketing is dead. The truth is, however, the exact opposite. Emails don’t cost you anything and they still offer a higher return on investment. Your conversion rate might not be very good, but what’s the harm as long as you are getting sales. 

Today’s email marketing is also smart. You no longer send spam emails to strangers. You get them to subscribe for emails through lead magnets on landing pages and then send them a well-planned series of emails. 

Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing has also been abused for a long time, but now it’s again relevant. It works in a similar way as email marketing, but you have to pay for each text message. 

People don’t read emails right away. It takes at least one day before your email gets read. Text messages, on the other hand, are opened within one hour. You get very few words and you have to be very smart and articulate with your message. This is great to ensure your message is read. 

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