Worthwhile Business Careers for New Moms to Consider

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Expanding Your Income as a Mom

Ideally, as a new mom, you can focus your time and energy on your baby. Reality makes that less tangible than it should be. Today’s moms work. However, there are some “workarounds”, if you’ll excuse the pun, which allow new moms to “have their cake and eat it, too”, as the saying goes.

Even if you’ve got a man around doing the lion’s share of the work, you can still increase the family income without impacting your ability to mother. Following we’ll explore a few career options of that variety that you may want to consider.

1. Selling Goods You Make at Home Online

Maybe you love to knit, or there are other crafts at which you’re quite skilled. Well you can start en “eStore” online, sell your wares digitally, and make them at home. While the baby is sleeping and you’re designing clothing for them, a few extra garments can be sold through the web with relative ease.

Even if you’re not involved in traditional arts and crafts, there are many things you might be able to create that can be sold online. For example, jewelry that uses epoxy, molds, and colored items to create an impression can be quite a niche offering that is appreciated by diverse buyers.

Consider what you can do, what you like doing, and what sort of free time you have. Launching an “eStore” can be a fine idea for the new mom.

2. Remote Content Creation: Writing, Videos, Etc.

Something else you can do is take a hint from your remote lactation specialist as they help you find the correct breastfeeding latch through online “zoom” calls and the like.

Remote content creation like articles or tweets is something you can do entirely from home, even getting paid digitally. Similarly, you might start a YouTube channel on your experiences as a mom.

3. Working With Existing Careers to Augment Remotely

If you’ve already got a job, and you’re on maternity leave, you might contact your employer and ask them about going the “remote” route in terms of how you complete your varying job duties. 25% of employees in the United States are now remote, and that trend will very likely expand. You might as well lean into it as a new mom for your baby’s sake.

Finding Your Cruising Altitude as a Professional Mom

Remote work is a fine way of being a mom and bringing in money. Also, at-home content creation of the visual or written variety can be quite lucrative if you’re consistent. Finally, if you’re handy, crafty, or enjoy making things, you might as well start an online store.

Certainly these are just a few of the jobs that are out there which would be ideal for a mom, but they’re definitely some of the smartest choices you could make. At minimum, hopefully this piece of writing stimulates your imagination, and helps you seek the right work.


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