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Virtual Fitting Room

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Going to a shop or the mall and trying different clothes only to wear previously worn clothes is very unhygienic and something that should be strictly avoided during this pandemic season. There are a lot of different smart solutions coming up that prevent customers from overcoming these fashion industry challenges. Customers can now go to malls as they can browse through different collections of a brand and get to see how those dresses will look upon them in real-time. 

Virtual fitting room for eCommerce is something that uses cutting-edge technology like AI and AR to give customers the feeling of dressing up in a trial room without moving out of their homes. Awareness among the retailers is very important as this is the best time for them to implement their business with the virtual fitting room technology in order to grow. 

In this article, we will be looking at how retailers can benefit by creating their own virtual fitting room for eCommerce. 

What to know about virtual fitting rooms for eCommerce?

Of the several fashion industry challenges, the one related to finding the perfect dress and the perfect fit is something that has been here from the start. Finding one perfect dress is more tiresome than it should be but thankfully modern technology has brought the feature of a virtual fitting room that can cleverly choose the perfect dress for every customer. Following are some notable benefits of virtual trial rooms for the retailers, 

  • Convenient and safe – Since the start of the pandemic people are conscious of the things they touch and especially the clothes that are displayed in stores are worn by many different individuals and can be the breeding ground for viruses. So, it is a lot safer to use a virtual medium for checking out different garments and identifying which one is better fitted as per the smart suggestions given by the apps. 
  • Improved conversions – Since the start of online shopping there has always been a part of people who wanted to go to stores and see the dresses with their own eyes, try them out to see how they fit, and check the materials. But what once was one of the biggest fashion industry challenges has now been solved with the launch of vital trial rooms. Customers can now see with their own eyes how they will look wearing a dress with the help of augmented reality. 
  • Higher sales due to casual browsing opportunity – Retailers can massively benefit from this virtual presence as it opens the scope for casual browsing. And as results show it can make people fall in love with a dress that they never considered buying and hence when this happens on a big scale then sales are bound to increase. 


If you are a retailer then you should implement these features into your business as soon as possible to improve sales and customer retention. There are many different technologies that you can use to provide the virtual trial room experience and it is up to you which technology you want to adopt. 


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