What does a Blogger do and the Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Benefits of Blogging

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If you like to communicate, investigate, and solve people’s doubts or needs, you will be interested in knowing what does a blogger do. Benefits of Blogging, For this reason, in this article, whether you want to dedicate yourself to the world of blogging or if you are thinking of hiring a content curator, I recommend that you read the lines below.

What does a blogger do

A person becomes a blogger when he has a blog where he begins to write personally or seriously (but not professionally) about a topic that he initially understands and wants to bring to his community. You do not have to be an expert to dedicate yourself to blogging, but if you want to get results, you will be more interested in the meaning of blogger that I give you in the lines below.

Meaning of professional blogger: It is that person prepared to be able to manage a blog on a personal or professional level. To do this, you must have the necessary knowledge to know how to carry out a keyword study and create a buyer persona and ideal client to know what type of audience you will target. You must also carry out a study of search intentions or have the ability to layout the article in an appropriate way.

Over time, professional bloggers survive as they create content with strategy and get results. For that reason, I wanted to tell you two different types of bloggers, so you can see the difference between one and the other. Once you know what the definition of a blogger is, I want to tell you about the types and characteristics of a blogger that you can find.

  • Niche blogger

To start, you can be a blogger of a specific category or topic. For example, a blogger on fashion, mechanics, digital marketing, finance, etc. The good thing about this type of blogger is that they are very good and experts in a specific topic, so their written content can be very enriching. They want to express their experiences, anecdotes, or learning that may interest their community.

  • Business blogger

Some professionals are experts in creating articles that encourage purchase. This type of profile has to know the product or service very well, find out its advantages, characteristics and disadvantages or inconveniences so that the reader is informed and knows that this is their best option in the market. A blogger is a person trained to be able to manage a blog on a personal or professional level, either for oneself or for a company.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger

Now I want to tell you clearly the advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger.

Advantages of being a blogger

1. You promote your personal brand.

2. You create a community around your brand.

3. You meet other professionals in your niche.

4. Brands contact you for collaborations.

5. You enter a circle of continuous learning.

6. Improve your self-esteem by seeing that you are helping others.

7. You can get to earn money with a blog.

8. The blog becomes your biggest resume.

9. You get qualified traffic to your website.

10. You can build quality audiences for your social media ads.

Can you think of another? tell me in the comments

Disadvantages of being a blogger

1. It is not well paid.

2. Your work is not well valued.

3. The results are in the medium or long term.

4. It gets frustrating if you don’t have clear planning and goals.

5. Everyone starts a blog with enthusiasm and many ends up abandoning them.

If you have another disadvantage in mind, leave them in the comments.

The benefits of blogging for your business

If you are thinking of entering the world of blogging or you want to hire a specialist and you want to know what functions a blogger must fulfill, here are some points that you must take into account.

Increase your brand authority

If you hire or want to be a professional blogger, you must carry out a content strategy that is consistent with the objective that the company wants. Carry out a study of keywords for which you want the company to be positioned to attract potential quality customers.

It will also be in charge of creating internal and external links that enrich the article’s information, adding value to the user. In addition, it is a practice that is very well seen by search engines if it is done correctly.

Increase the chances of selling your business

If you are looking for a product or service, which website do you stay with? With one with a blog explaining the features, advantages and what the product can bring you or with one where it only has the button to buy now?

It is clear that most people would stick with the first option because you are helping the user and clarifying their doubts or needs. And although the articles are not focused 100% on the sale, once you are exposing your knowledge and skills, you are demonstrating that you are capable of doing and solving. So a percentage of users who have read your article will stay with you if they need your help tomorrow.

Improve user experience

It also improves reading by ensuring that the paragraphs are not too long and that the article is even easy to scan. Readers will see these details and Google also takes that into account, which helps when it comes to positioning the article.

Get paid ad opportunities

Thanks to the perseverance in your blog, companies will contact you for paid ad opportunities. It is a good source of income if you work well on the blog, but try not to make it your short-term preference if you are just starting out.

Create content for your social networks indirectly

If the article that has been created is interesting and is aimed at your audience, you already have great content to post on your social networks. Many ideas can come out from an article for your networks, such as a Facebook Post, an Instagram Story, an infographic, a reel, a mini video, an interview, a checklist, etc.

Increase visibility on social media

If the article was helpful to the user, there are always possibilities that they will share it on their social networks and show it to their community, which opens a window to new users who do not know you.

Help sell your products

If your articles are well-positioned or if you create valuable content where the doubts, worries, and concerns of your ideal client are resolved, you will gain their trust and achieve a good reputation with them, so they are more likely to buy from you.

The blogger is not only based on bringing qualified traffic to your website. It is a fundamental piece of the diffusion, reputation and credibility of a brand on the Internet.

How to be a good blogger

Once you know the blogger concept much better, it is time to tell you what characteristics it must meet.

Clear objectives

Whether for your blog or a client, you must be very clear about your blog’s objective and purpose. You must have a well-defined focus for what you want to do. If you manage to cover this aspect, you have already taken a very big step.

Posting frequency

The constancy here cannot be doubted. A blogger must always stay active on his blog. I have heard more experienced professionals say that you have to write an article a week. Be realistic with yourself. Keep your own posting frequency by making a daily schedule. Do not do like many who start writing 4 or 5 blogs a week and then disappear because they are burned. 

Collaborate with other blogs

Do not stay locked in your virtual house. In the beginning, it is good that you contact professionals in your sector who have a blog and ask them if you can write an article on their website. It is very important that you collaborate on those sites that have to do with your company’s theme. You can write guest posts for other blogs as long as:

  • Make sure the blog is active.
  • The blog has a reputation and web traffic.
  • Share the article on social networks.
  • Have an active community on social networks.
  • Promote the article to the email subscribers.
  • Provide 1 or 2 links.


You’ve seen the benefits your business blog can offer you and what does a blogger do. To get more traffic, leads, authority, and a better relationship with your audience, you’re undoubtedly itching to get started to blogging.

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