Best True Crime Movies of All Time in the USA

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The chilly winter days and holidays call up for bringing a new genre of movies into exploration. One of these is true crime movies. It is real but it is surreal too. It is a thrill and bone-chilling too. It is all that we expect in a horror, but only in the most real sense. True crime is after all based on a crime that was an actual event but is made into surreal nonfiction, podcast, and film genre, which captivates the audience because of the realness of the events

This year, like 2020, has been a difficult one for Hollywood in general. While the restoration of cinemas was one of the year’s highlights, the delays created by COVID-19 lockdowns made for a bumpy start for many new releases. We had to wait in exasperation for all of our favorite films to be released and shown or seen in theatres. While cinemas are open now, we all have come to love our movies times at home. In addition, movies at home all pertain to thrilling and chilling movies that keep us hooked to them. 

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10 Best true crime movies

My Friend Dahmer

A biographical drama that covers the entire adolescence period of the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer was a shy and strange boy whose life took a trajectory and made him into one of the USA’s infamous and well-known serial killers. The movie is an adaptation of the novel by Alex Backderf who was a high school fellow of Dahmer. It came out in 2017.

Molly’s Game

The movie revolves around the American skier who became the best runner of high stakes poker games: Molly Bloom! The movie has been based on her memoir and is a gripping story. With high-profile players such as the Russian mafia, actors, moguls, and even athletes. She was arrested by the FBI in a bust in 2013 at the age of 34.


Starring some iconic stars: J-Lo, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, and Constance Wu, the 2019 film is based on the true story of New York-based strippers who swindled rich clients out of money in the 2008 economic crisis!

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

The movie is about Ted Bundy: the notorious serial killer who had America shaking in fear. The killer is portrayed by Zac Efron and is shot from the perspective of Ted’s girlfriend who denied knowing about his dark side. It is a film from 2019. 


This is a miniseries; however, this Netflix feature provides an intimate yet twisted tale of a serial series of rape. The story follows three rape victims who were able to come together and catch a serial rapist. This is a story of survival against rape when no one believes you. 2019 miniseries, which is based on real events. 

Lost Girls

A mother doing an investigation into her daughter’s disappearance: the gripping story has been penned by the famed documentarian Ms. Liz Garbus’ and is a raw look into the love of a mother and the extent to which law enforcement will help. The movie includes instances of the deaths of sex workers as well as other gripping tales. This one is from 2020 right amidst Covid-19 peak that we all enjoyed and if you have not, then watch it soon.

Black Mass

The lead actor is the brilliant Johnny Depp who stars in this movie as the infamous Irish-born mobster called James Bulger. Bulger was lovingly known as “Whitey” and was a notorious mobster in the ’70s. The story revolves around Whitey’s use of law enforcement to further his motives while also helping viewers see why Whitey’s is still a household name. It is an older movie from 2015 but hooks up the audience very soon. 

Catch Me If You Can

One of the more entertaining movies by Steven Spielberg, the movie follows Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale during his rise as one of a wonderful and kind conman’s. A very old but gold movie of the starting of the 21’s century, coming out in 2002 and making a big hit in the cinemas, but makes for a lovely watch with friends or family amidst the Covid-19 lockdown and great times at home.

Memories of Murder

An amazing murder mystery by famed South Korean director Mr. Bong Joon-ho. The mystery follows the first of serial killings, which happened in Korea. The movie is rife with dark comedy and a commentary on the police services. It came out in 2003 and took people by a storm of gruesome turn of events.

Wrapping Up

Crime movies give you just the right thrill and horror and true crime goes one-step ahead. So buckle up. 

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