Reasons Why You Need to Add Photos and Videos to Your Sales Deck

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Your presentations can be a lot more visual and a lot more engaging if you add photos and video to your deck. These visuals will speak for themselves in many situations, leaving you to just seed the idea. When it comes to explaining an idea or concept, words are simply not enough so adding images always help the presenter communicate their message better.

Here are the biggest reasons why you need to add photos and videos to your sales deck.

1) Way More Engaging

People love images. Think about how much time you spend on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat every day vs a text-based social media platform like Twitter. You want people to engage with your content and photos and videos are definitely more engaging than just words.

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2) Your Content Can Speak For Itself

Your words can sometimes be very vague and unclear. However, visuals help clarify the message for your audience so they don’t have to spend time or energy trying to interpret what you’re saying. You need people to immediately understand the value of your proposal before they lose interest, especially if it’s something they aren’t familiar with.

3) Increases Memorability to Your Sales Pitch Presentation

People remember pictures better than text. What do kids learn faster: the ABC song or how to read? This is because pictures are easier to remember than complicated things like language.

And let’s face it, sales decks are full of complex information that can be difficult to explain. So if you’re trying to describe a complex concept, using images can make it easier for your audience to remember the important points they need to know.

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4) Gives Your Sales Pitch Deck A Professional Edge

There’s nothing worse than boring presentations or visuals all about text and bullet points. It makes people feel like you didn’t put any effort into your presentation which is not a good impression to leave on potential investors, employers, or clients. Adding images keeps your slides from looking too plain and simple–it adds that visual appeal that keeps your audience engaged from slide to slide.

5) Enforces Your Selling Deck Theme

Having visuals helps unite the concepts in your deck under a central idea so it doesn’t look disorganized and random. It also breaks down the information in a way that is easier to digest and understand.

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6) Helps Your Audience Get The Most Out Of Your Deck

If you’ve ever worked with someone who is visually challenged like me, you know how frustrating it can be when they don’t get your point or follow along with what you’re presenting.

I can’t tell you how many times I would say something to my managers only for them to not get it because they couldn’t see what was on my monitor. If they can’t see what’s on the screen, then there’s nothing I can do to help them understand or follow along with me so everything just becomes a waste of time because we both missed important points and so did my managers.

7) Keeps The Audience’s Attention to Your Sales Deck Outline

You need to keep everyone engaged throughout your presentation and that includes people who are distracted or not paying attention. You don’t always have control over who will engage with your presentation so you need to be able to grab the attention of the people sitting in the back corner.

Photos are a great way to get people interested in what you’re saying even if they weren’t listening when it started so they can still understand where you’re going with everything else.

8) Shows Your Personality

Who doesn’t love infographics? They say a picture is worth 1000 words which means that an infographic is basically worth 1000 sales messages! So why not use them? People want to see who you are behind all of your impressive titles. And if you’re using infographics, users can learn more in less time since they have to read fewer words on the screen.

Plus depending on who you are and what you do for a living, there are so many free infographic tools out there that anyone can create something unique with visuals to express themselves in ways getting their point across in images instead of just plain text.

9) It’s Easier To Sell With Pictures

People don’t always trust what you say, but they definitely trust what you show them with pictures/videos/infographics, etc., especially when it comes to something important like their money.

If you have “before” photos or videos compared to “after” photos or videos, then people will feel more inclined to believe in your business. People are visual creatures so they want evidence which is exactly what pictures, videos, and infographics provide them with.


Visuals help you do a lot more than just entertain your audience. It helps them understand your content better and can share a different level of communication that isn’t possible with just text. If you’re saying the same things as everyone else but using infographics or photos, then you should be able to stand out from other companies no matter what industry you’re in!

So don’t forget to add visual content to your sales deck if it’s not there already because it could mean the difference between closing the deal right away or having nothing but questions.

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