Zomm Wireless Leash: Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Daniel Bell is determined not to lose his iPhone and tests the Zomm wireless leash. This triggers an alarm when removed from a Bluetooth-connected phone.

Zoom Wireless Leash alerts you when you leave your phone and works as a speaker and panic alarm. It is available in black, white and pink on the Zomm website for £ 69.95. The device can be used for emergency photography. If you’re worried about losing sight of your room’s luggage, make sure your phone is the bag.

Features of Zomm wireless leash

  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • The battery lasts up to three days
  • Notifies you when you move away from the phone (between 30 and 120 feet)
  • Blinks, vibrates and sounds an alarm
  • It works as a single answer speaker
  • Call the emergency services at the touch of a button
  • Designed to withstand heat, cold, dust and moisture
  • Comes with a plastic strap handle, 2x USB cables, charger and keychain
  • One year limited warranty

Handling the Zomm wireless leash

Zomm has a single button, the Z button, which performs various functions. It must be charged for four hours before use. This can be done using the supplied computer or charger. Then you need to download and install the software on your computer (7.6 MB). This allows you to update the device firmware and adjust settings, such as: B. Short or long leash and set audio warnings. Unfortunately, this test sample does not allow you to edit the settings on your phone, but there is a new version that comes with an app

After that, it’s time to pair your phone via Bluetooth. It depends on your phone. See the Zomm downloadable manual for instructions. With the iPhone used for testing, this was a two-minute job that ended smoothly.

When you receive a call, it is answered by pressing the Z button with 2 taps, sending it to voicemail. Zomm can also be used for outgoing calls. However, you must initiate the call using the phone and forward it using the Z button. The volume also depends on the volume set on the phone.

Holding down the Z button will activate the panic alarm. If you hold Zomm for another six seconds, you will call 911 (DO NOT USE unless it is a real emergency). The device sends an automatic message before it can communicate with the operator.

zomm wireless bluetooth

Establishment and performance

To set up ZOMM wireless leash, users must create an account at My.ZOMM.com. There you can name your device, set a distance to trigger the alarm (“short” is about 30 feet and “long” is 120 feet), adjust tones and volume, and enter an emergency number (the default value is 911).

Then you need to pair the leash with iPhone, iPod or iPad via Bluetooth and download the free MyZOMM app. This is the main control node. If you use your device as a tracking device, you can trigger the alarm through your application. You can also geotag certain places or things (such as your car) so that you can remember where they were and turn on the settings. emergency.

While pairing the device was easy enough, everything that came after it was not so clear. For example, if you want to trigger an emergency alarm with ZOMM, the instructions say, “Press and hold the Z button for 6 seconds and release it when the panic alarm sounds.” However, if you want to pair your ZOMM with another receiver again, the instructions are: “On the wireless leash, press and hold the Z button until you hear the second beep (6 seconds).” Both are essentially the same command and it’s not clear what ZOMM should record if you want to trigger the alarm or just want to pair another device again.

Zomm Wireless Leash Performance

As long as the Zomm device can detect the phone’s bluetooth signal, it’s happy. As soon as you lose the connection, it goes out. Holding the iPhone in a certain way can reduce the signal strength and accidentally turn off Zomm. After a full charge, the leash took 3 days or more before needing to be recharged. Your phone’s battery life will decrease faster if Bluetooth is on all the time. When you make or receive a call the quality is not excellent, it is fine for occasional use but not as a hands-free solution for regular use.

Zomm Wireless Leash Verdict

Zomm Wireless Leash is a unique idea. If you have a habit of putting your phone down and dropping it, this is a great way to remind you to pick it up. It is inevitable to trigger it from time to time and the sound quality when making calls is not fantastic. Zomm is small enough to carry and the battery will last a long time between charges, although that depends on how often it is used. Overall, it’s an interesting idea, but for most users, it’s likely a solution to a problem they’ve never had before.

Zomm Wireless Leash Pros

  • Easy to configure
  • Small enough to hold the key stack
  • It can be charged via USB or a wall socket

Zomm Wireless Leash Cons

  • You need to connect it to your computer to change the settings
  • I could easily accidentally call emergency services


Despite being referred to as the ZOMM Wireless Leash, this device is essentially a Bluetooth speaker (and a mediocre one), with some extras thrown away. While I can see older customers using the 911 feature and forgotten customers who love the Locator, its unintuitive setup is incredibly frustrating. I understand that a single main control button looks great, but it also means you need to combine multiple actions into one button. These can be hard to remember and for such a high price tag I would just prefer tying a string on my finger.

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