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Are you looking for a word counter?

It can be difficult to estimate the number of words in a given text or email message.

Maybe you need to know how many words you’ve written in order to make sure it fits the requirements of your professor’s assignment.

Or perhaps you’re wondering how long it would take someone to read your latest novel-in-progress.

If you are searching for a way to count words, there are many tools available online that will give you an exact word count on any document, but choosing the right one is crucial.

With intuitive interface and extensive functionality, a credible online word counter tool can serve your purpose the right way. 

A word counter is a handy tool to help you determine the number of words or characters you have in any given text.

While many programs have built-in word counters, some people prefer to use online versions instead.

This can be due to personal preference, or because they don’t want to download extra software on their computer.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 word-counter tools that are trusted by writers and bloggers from all over the world. So, let’s get started!

Top Five online word counter tools you can trust

1. Count Words Free

Count Words Free

Countwordsfree is an online tool to count words. You can simply copy and paste your essay or type directly into the box.

 Then you will see the total number of words and characters on the screen. No matter how long your content is, you can use this online tool to get a word count instantly.

You can see a text statistics panel on the right hand side.

Here you can see the complete breakdown of your text including words, characters, lines, pages, paragraphs, punctuation, numeral, average read time, and more.

Why choose count words free

There are many other benefits of using this online tool for counting words in any content, including:

  • It can help you avoid exceeding character and word limits when submitting applications or writing essays.
  • It also helps you write more concisely so that you can get your point across in fewer words and avoid repeating yourself.
  • It saves time by allowing users to quickly see how many characters they have left before submitting something like an application or assignment paper without having to re-read everything again from beginning to end just to count how many characters they’ve used up.

Countwordsfree provides accurate results in a matter of seconds.

Many students use this tool for their academic writing tasks because it allows them to check whether their work meets the required word limit or not. 

You can easily find out how many words are needed for your work and compare it with your current word count.


Word Counter is an easy to use online tool for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and pages in real time, along with spelling and grammar checking

This tool also brings many other useful features such as clearing the text in one go, auto saving the text, magnification, and setting the styling of the text.

Furthermore, you can also come to know about the exact density of each keyword in your write-up.

How is Word Counter helpful?

Many universities require a minimum number of words for essays and papers and it is extremely important that you meet these requirements on test day.

No one wants to lose points to a word count, especially if it’s just a few words over the limit. 

If you are a student, then you probably know that teachers and professors often set a certain amount of words as a requirement for an essay or a paper.

It is necessary to know the exact number of words in your essay. And if you do not know, then using the online word counter can help.

Noteworthy features

The Word Counter is designed to help anyone write better in English by automatically checking your writing for English mistakes as well as providing suggestions on how to correct them.

You can easily track the number of words, characters (with and without spaces), sentences, and pages.

3. Letter Count

Letter Count

When you have a lot to say, you might find yourself struggling to count words.

Whether you’re trying to write the perfect essay or simply need to count the words in your sentence, it can be helpful to know how many words are in a sentence.

When you’re looking for an easy way to count words online, can the solution. It’s a free word counting tool that allows you to track your progress in real time.

Counting Words and Characters

When you need to know how many words are in an essay, there’s no better place than using an online word counter.

With a free word counter, it’s easy to keep track of just how long your sentences are as well as how many characters they contain.

You can also use a word counter tool when you’re trying to write a report or essay and want to ensure that it meets the requirements set forth by your teacher or professor.

It’s easy to see exactly how many characters and words are in your document so you can make sure that it’s precisely what your teacher or professor is looking for.

4.     Easy Word Count

Easy Word Count

Easy Word Count provides a lot of features to count words online. Users can use these features to solve their word counting problems.

Here are some of the features that Easy Word Count offers:

  • Easy Word Count is totally free to use.
  • It requires no login or signup. You just have to go to Easy Word Count website and start using it.
  • It supports all common file formats like .doc, .docx, pdf, pages, .txt and many more. You can upload the file from your device or paste text directly into the text box.
  • It comes with an easy to use interface. Anyone can use Easy Word Count without any hassle.
  • The tool offers detailed reports about characters with spaces and without space count, paragraph count, line count and word count in an uploaded file.

With Easy Word Count you can count words online with ease. It is a simple online tool that counts the number of words, characters and paragraphs in your text.

Many things make this particular tool worth choosing and some of the prominent ones include; easy to use interface, compatible with all the latest web browsers, and quick and accurate counting process.

5.     Word Count Tool

Word Count Tool

There are a lot of word counters online that can count the number of words or characters in your text.

Most of these tools are developed by developers and they have limited functionality.

However, Word Count Tool is one of the useful tools that you can use to count words and characters online. 

The tool offers several features that will help you when you need to count the words or characters in your text.

Besides being a free word counter tool, it also has some other great features like:

  • Calculating Reading Time
  • Calculating Page Numbers
  • Words, characters, and paragraph count
  • Checking the keyword density
  • Calculating Flesch Reading Score

The Word Count Tool is a very useful tool for students, writers, editors, and other people who want to count the number of words in their content.

It provides you with an accurate count of the number of words in your content. 

In addition to counting the number of words, our online word counter also displays other important information about the text you have entered such as the number of characters, sentences, and pages.

However, this particular tool doesn’t offer the functionality of grammar check. That means you will have to proofread your text on your own.

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