Why Is Islamic Education Important?


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We live in a world where we are eager and ready to explore new things as life goes on. Everyday, a new discovery comes into place and the world is progressing at such a fast pace. We have indulged ourselves in the complexities of life but often in our lives, we forget to focus on the things that actually hold the most significance like constant remembrance of Allah. Learning about Islamic education and the Quran is just as important as any other academic education that we achieve. If we don’t take out time to learn about the Holy Quran, there is no purpose in throwing ourselves in a race to achieve worldly gains.

Being Muslims, it is very essential we stay connected to our faith by educating ourselves about Islam on a regular basis. Even if one were a non-Muslim, if there was no platform to spread information about Islam, how would people even learn and make themselves aware without any source. Online learning platforms like those of Noorani Qaida provide an extensive and wide range of ways to become proficient in learning the Quran. It is accessible to anyone from all over the world so that they may increase their knowledge. E-learning academies like these that help learn the Quran are extremely essential in a time like this where everyone is running after names, fame, titles and money. One can save themselves from long commutes of reaching to a specific destination and just grasp Islamic understanding right from the comfort of their homes.

When we learn about Islam and increase our faith, we automatically appreciate all that comes our way and fight all our battles with courage and patience because we know that this life has a bigger purpose than just achieving worldly happiness. There is no purpose to one’s life if we don’t have a certain belief and our faith can only strengthen if we gain more information about our religion and beliefs. That is where an academy like Noraani Qaida comes into play and majorly contributes to promoting Islamic knowledge. Educating ourselves about Islam is the best way to realize that we were sent to Earth for a much bigger purpose which was to live our lives according to God. 

When we engage in Islamic education, it changes the way we perceive life overtime. It automatically makes us a better person and saves one from false information. This provides us with a better sense to choose between what’s right and wrong and save ourselves from sinning on a bigger scale. Our sense of conscious is sharpened and we become much more aware of our surroundings. As a child grows up, he surely learns about Islam from his own household but our elders might not have all the correct information available. So, gaining formal Islamic education for a child gives much more clarity and enlightenment. 

As humans, it is natural to question things that we see or situations that we face. It is natural to question how this universe was created and how the universe works the way that it does. The best part is that Islam allows us to ask as many questions as we want and seeking Islamic knowledge provides us with all the answers for these questions. This form of education is only based on facts right from the Quran and no other source is used to answer all these questions. Islam already proved all the information that science later came forward with. That is why attaining Islamic education shows us that Quran is the sole book that is the basis for all answers one needs to guide themselves in this short life.


In this contemporary world, we have an array of unique issues and Islam is a religion that addresses the issues of every era. It is an ever-living deen and that is reason Islam is the complete code of life. It not only covers all the matters of one’s personal life but also the political, financial and justice system of a country. Many religions talk about human rights and shockingly enough even the United Nations was established in the 20th Century but Islam was the very first religion that gave rights to the othered of the society, the women, slaves and even your neighbors. 

It is important to gain Islamic knowledge to understand how to live our lives according to Quran and Sunnah because no other religion teaches in detail the mannerisms that Islam teaches. Hence, we come to realize that Islamic education is not like the rest. We need to take some time out to strengthen our faith so that we are reminded of our religion on a uniform basis. Islam is the basic code of life and the only way can attain happiness in the life hereafter.

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