Plastic Postcards

What to Know About Plastic Postcards

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A postcard is a term for small cardboard or thin paper advertisement mailed. Postcards are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing and advertising. Still, they have made a comeback in recent years due to advances in technology, availability, price of stamps, and mailing costs.

plastic postcard is a safe alternative to paper that can be printed on both sides, and labels can be used to personalize it. You can use postcards as part of a mailer to create a focused mailing campaign or send them out as an envelope filler.

Plastic postcards don’t require postage and can be mailed the day they are received. They also do not show up in your recipient’s junk mail folder but rather in their inbox, where they can be read and appreciated.

Plastic Postcard Options

There are several different options for plastic postcards. The most common options include:

Gloss-coated plastic cards

These are the most popular postcards for advertising and promotional purposes. They have a glossy finish on both sides and can hold up to a 4 x 5 print.

Semi-gloss plastic cards

These cards have the exact dimensions as the standard glossy card, but they are not coated with a shiny finish. They are a great choice if you want to save money on ink and printing costs but still want a finished postcard that looks professional.

Uncoated plastic cards

These cards are made from a single-sided material that is not coated and has a rough, unfinished surface. They are perfect for small businesses and individuals who want to use their postcards to promote their services or products.

If you choose to have a plastic postcard printed, you will have several options as far as the type of ink. You may also want to use all three options depending on the message you want to send. You can use one of the many free templates and mailing lists available or create your own. There is also an option to have a professional design created for you.

Suppose you want a very professional look for your plastic postcard. In that case, it is worth investing in a professional graphic designer to create a custom layout for your card and help with the design when you are ready to print it.

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