What Is The Importance Of Explainer Videos In The Marketing World?

Explainer Videos
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The internet world is engulfed with thousands of Explainer videos daily. But not all of them add value to our requirements. However, there is no denying that videos have immense power to impact a person, especially explainer videos.

This article will focus on discussing the apps explainer video and what are the advantages. According to studies, the explaining videos have helped many people achieve their goals.

A marketer may come across various videos while surfacing online, suitable for different purposes. But the explainer video is especially popular among professionals.

What is an explainer video?

Engaging potential audiences on social media requires both entertaining and valuable content. The explainer videos have become a more lucrative option in this competitive world, helping in mastering campaigns.

When the video content is most engaging in type, the audience will surely enjoy watching the content.

An explainer video is a short animated video focusing on explaining different business services and solutions in a simple equation.

These videos can be used to introduce a particular subject to the audience. Explainer videos can better showcase a company’s culture and promote brand value by engaging customers.

For example, an apps explainer video describes the app’s functionality and elaborates on the user interface and the benefits.

What are the advantages?

A video can be long or short, but it is more important to make it exciting and appealing. In today’s fast-paced world, the audience looks for quick information. With the help of an explainer video, it becomes easier to deliver, ensuring some vital information. Here are some of the significant advantages of explainer videos –

Grab audience attention:

It takes quite an effort to get the audience’s attention. How to target audiences and how to advertise are two different aspects of marketing. Videos can effectively improve the engagement of viewers, who get attracted easily to animated videos. This is the way the human brain works!

Easy elaboration of complex topics:

Not every product or service is easy to understand. For example, technical products or software features require detailed information. In such cases, an apps explainer video can quickly explain technical points with detailed explanations.

Using compelling images, characters, or animation in explainer videos can make the audience understand the products and services. A brand can make a powerful impact on its audience with an animated explainer video.

Increase web traffic SEO:

In the world of SEO, videos play a crucial role in increasing web traffic. Embedding videos to web pages can increase web traffic SEO. Google loves sites with top-notch videos on the page. It will give an excellent boost to the ranking and organic traffic of a page or website.

Restores customer’s mind:

Explainer videos are mind-blowing as they can provide valuable messages to the audience. An apps explainer video breaks down the concepts of the particular service, which sticks to the viewer’s mind.

Appeal to mobile users:

They enjoy explainer videos as they are easily accessible. They perfectly fit the mobile screen with an excellent user experience. With the rising demand for video editing apps, users are showing interest in app explainer videos.

Improved conversion rate:

Publishing explainer videos on the landing page can boost the rate of engagement and sales. But don’t upload crappy videos, as they can have a destructive impact on the brand.

Customers can be highly influenced by such videos and make the right decision. Videos are easy to share and upload to enhance the online presence.


Explainer videos are fascinating to build up a pathway to the audience’s mind. After knowing the benefits of an explainer video, it is also vital to select the right platform to make the video. Different video-making applications are available in the market.

But one should choose the right one depending on the requirements. For example, the features of an apps explainer video and a beauty app video will be different from each other.

Prefer to focus on the main aspects without making the video lengthy. Use graphics to explain complicated products appealingly. It not only saves money but also saves a lot of time.

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