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Express JS

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The backend framework of any application is called the most integral part of its web architecture. Since the backend is essential, plenty of care will be required while coding it. The importance of the backend is not unknown. What the spinal cord is to the human body is what the backend framework is to the web architecture. The real magic is in the supporting server. If it is not adequately created or managed, then there can be many problems in the execution of the application. Are you wondering what is Express js?

Express js is the backend framework used to create fast and efficient web applications. It is also accountable for improving the functioning and performance of Node js.

There are countless well-established companies which are using Express js, or their backend is built in that:

  • Flickr
  • GoDaddy
  • IBM
  • PayPal
  • Storylens
  • Walmart

Reasons to Choose Express JS for Backend Development

I have formulated # points to convince you that Express js is the best option to go with for your app development venture. Let’s go!!

Smarter Routing

There are two approaches to accomplishing the target. Either it can be hard work or smart work. When it comes to coding, very few developers know the tricks to establish routing. Express js enables smarter and faster routing mechanisms. This further helps in protecting the webpage’s condition using good quality URLs. Express js is known in the market for its smooth routing procedures.

Quicker Server-Side Development

Express javascript is a component of Node js. Hence, it offers many Node.js features. Apart from this, it can be coded at utter great speed, which means it consumes less time than usual. Express js allows quick coding with quicker quality checks and bug fixes!

Awesome Middleware Support

Various Express js functions are responsible for the appropriate functioning of middleware. It, in fact, provides direct access to client requests, databases, and other middlewares also. This is true to the greatest extent possible. This is why developers are also comfortable using Express.javascript in their complex projects.

Templating Language

Express.js has great functionalities. The templating engines provided by Express js let the developers create dynamic content on web pages. In short, this implies that Express.js allows users to develop by using HTML templates. The web pages built in this framework usually have an outstanding UI.


If you own a dog, this analogy is for you. Our furry angels need a regular deworming dose to remove the germs from their system and also to prevent the formation of any germs further.

Correspondingly, before the application is deployed, it undergoes long scrutinizing testing procedures, spotting and fixing bugs. Express is a framework that also aids the programmers with displaying where the discrepancies exactly are at. This implies that debugging an application is smooth since the developer knows which component or part of the blog has bugs.

Quick Scalability!!

Who doesn’t want to grow their business? If you are a businessman, you want to twofold your business and earn as much revenue as possible out of it. After launching an app with the backend created in Express.js, every entrepreneur would like to improve the app’s UI, speed, performance, etc. If built in Express js, it is feasible to scale the app and equip it with additional resources.

Easy Framework

Usually, learning a particular coding language or framework takes a long time. In such a scenario, imagine there is a framework which is easy to understand! How much will the developers love to learn and then earn from it! JavaScript is not difficult to learn at all. And specifically, when it comes to Express.js, it is the easiest framework to work with. Developers with a bit of experience in Javascript languages can quickly learn and use the same knowledge to apply to the programs they are developing.

Dual Usage Possibility!!!

All traits and strengths can be during the development procedure.

Express.js is a language that can be used to code the backend and frontend. You don’t even need to use two different programming languages in the frontend and backend. Complex applications as it is have a lot of complications on the way. Hence, to ease some of your tensions, choose Express js to make your application. Simply use any typescript of java while building your app with Express js.

Low Maintenance Application

Express js is considered that girlfriend who is not very demanding, not high maintenance, and easy to upgrade regularly! All puns intended!

Since it uses the same Java typescript, it becomes way too easy to maintain and make changes in the frontend and backend. It does not demand a lot of effort, and it is a great thing!

Supported by Google V8 Engine

There cannot exist better news than this one!!!

The open-source Google V8 engine supports Express.JS. There are lesser chances of the app lagging or giving a bad performance. Also, one can expect good performance from the application.

Enormous Community Support

Express.js has a huge community to support the users. This involves the doubts, queries, issues or even hurdles the developers may face during the development. These community forums resolve questions, but they also help in the large community forums.

Handles Everything

Express js is a very flexible framework that provides dynamic results alongside.

Check out a few aspects mentioned below about Express integration:

  • The status files and services are easily accessible and handled by this backend framework. 
  • Also, it is super simple to build a server with the REST API.
  • This framework also links to various databases easily. Be it MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, etc.

To Summarize – Express JS is a Great Choice for Backend Development!!!

Express js is famous worldwide. And also, it is used to build many different categories of applications, viz. – real-time collaboration tools, streaming applications, FinTech applications, etc. Express JavaScript stands for the ‘E’ in MEAN, MERN, MEVN, and other stacks.

Being the most popular framework from the Node.js ecosystem, Express js has always enjoyed popularity in the industry.

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