8 Benefits of Developing Mobile App with Ionic Framework

Developing Mobile App with Ionic Framework

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For anyone getting started with app development, the burning question is which technology to choose from. Today when the technology market is booming with a lot of development languages, it becomes difficult to choose the right one that would suit your business requirements. Especially, if you are looking to develop an app for both platforms, it becomes difficult to manage two frameworks at the same time. When it comes to developing mobile app with Ionic framework, you can work with a combination of programming languages like CSS, HTML5, and Javascript.

The best part is that this combination helps you create the best user experience with your interface that is suitable for your target audience. If you are looking to create a visual application, Ionic could be your choice. Moreover, you can hire Ionic framework developer from many companies like us and they will help you to turn your ideas into reality.

Here are some major reasons elaborated in detail as to why you should go with Ionic app development.

Cross-Platform Development Becomes Easier

It is not a question today to have applications that work for both platforms. When you choose Ionic as your development framework, it provides you with an opportunity to develop an app that works smoothly for cross-platform use cases. Plus, when it comes to migrating your app from one operating system to another, it becomes easy for you. Hence, it is always a win-win scenario when you choose cross-platform development.

You Can Create Engaging UI

Today user experience is everything and when it comes to Ionic app development, the Ionic framework can help you create interactive user experiences for your audience. Additionally, thanks to its flexibility, you can also apply customizations with the help of CSS and Javascript features. So, you will have all the freedom to customize the buttons, menus, workflow, color scheme, etc. According to your requirements, you can provide a lot of options in this area for your users and make an attractive, great-looking app that entails high standards.

It is Free to Use

App development requires investment. From research to development and final rendering, it is quite a big task to execute. But when you choose Ionic, you need not worry about the framework costs as it is free to use. So, maybe you could hire Ionic app developer and see how it works for you while making your decision.

Open Source is the Best Advantage

If you feel that open source means instability, you need to read ahead. Ionic has a large community of developers providing their great contribution to this framework. Hence you get to work with a very powerful framework for creating great user experiences via the application that you create.

Framework is Based on Angular:

Angular is a useful framework in creating both mobile and web applications. It comes with plenty of benefits like extending the syntax of HTML to include components of your application and data-binding.

Uses Cordova Plugins:

The plugin is a piece of code attached to your application and is coded in JavaScript which allows you to do multiple things as it is close to the native language of platforms. Cordova plugins help you to get access to different features of the operating system like Geolocation, camera, battery, etc.

Huge Community to Help:

Ionic is open-source and this, in turn, provides more developers to contribute to it and make it better. With the continuous development and regular updates, today Ionic has a huge community of developers. Their main goal is to make Ionic a strong, scalable, and secure platform which provides everyone ease to develop an application. One of the major benefits of using Ionic is they have their own dedicated Youtube channel, social media platforms where you can find the founders of Ionic Framework and easily reach out to them if and when needed.

Trusted By Small and Large Companies:

I don’t think there will be even a single company that does not use Ionic. If you go to Ionic’s website, you are likely to see all the big and small companies that are using Ionic. Below is the list of certain companies that are using Ionic:

  • NASA
  • McDonald’s
  • MarketWatch
  • Untapped
  • Dow Jones

And more…


Ionic has come a long way and over the years matured as a programming language. Today, companies use it to develop large-scale applications and websites and provide developers with an easy to learn and build. Moreover, the applications today need to be scalable enough to handle a high amount of user base and this is brought by Ionic. With the help of Ionic, you can build the perfect solution which is according to your business needs. If you are planning to develop an Ionic application, hire Ionic developer from us. Our expert team of developers will understand your requirements and help you to build the perfect application.

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