What if Google disappeared suddenly from the Internet?

google disappeared

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Google has become our basic need as it has become the fastest source of information. If our internet connection is slow and googles search results are slow then we get irritated or annoyed easily. We can’t even imagine our lives without the Internet. Whenever we have to know about something whether it is small or big information, we can easily search it on Google. But have you ever imagined what would happen if Google disappeared suddenly from the Internet? We never know in this advanced technological era what will replace the place of another one or what will shut down suddenly. So read the article completely to know the answer to this question.

A Brief History about Google

Google formerly known as Google Inc. is an American search engine company, which was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1928, that is a subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc. Since 1928 till now, it has been serving its users and working with improvements and has become the most important part of the Internet. Google handles more than 70 percent of worldwide online search requests and gives users the best experience of the source of information faster than any other source.

Importance of Google

Google has become an important part of our lives. Many apps of Google are of our daily use like Google Chrome, Google play store, Google classroom, Google pay, and many apps that require google sign-in also. There are many pirated websites like vega movies, etc. which we can use through google search. Google gives us information about everything – little or big. We can clear our queries regarding anything – anytime from anywhere. It provides many benefits in many ways including time-saving, advertising, and discovery of new information in the educational and health sector. It plays a vital role in the commercial sector also. And as we all know besides these things, Google provides much more than we expect. For free online movie streaming, you can use the Vegamovies website.

What would happen if Google disappeared suddenly?

If Google shut down permanently, the very obvious result will be – you can’t search for small or big information. Additionally, many companies and organizations have to suffer a huge loss who are associated with trusted services of Google apps to carry out their work operations. However, Google also has to face a significant dent in its bank account if something such occurs.

But by this, one good thing will happen that piracy will substantially come down and the pirated sites like movierulz1234, etc. will automatically shut down as google is the most preferred search engine on the web. The collapse of Google will also give a massive surge to other search engines like Yahoo and Binge. Overall, if Google suddenly disappeared then that would be a huge loss to its users and the company as well. for free Bollywood movies download, check out Movierulz 1234.

The Final Words

Today, if we carry out a survey or study on the non-functioning of Google then we can imagine the results. We may survive without Google but we don’t want to because it has become one of the most important parts of our lives. It is used by people all over the world and the shutdown of Google will be a huge loss for many other companies who rely on Google as well as the company itself. We are dependent on Google for a lot of activities so it is challenging for us to consider a life without its presence as spending a day without the internet is not easy if our net pack is over. Similarly, if you want to know something and you don’t have Google then you can imagine what will be your reaction.

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