What are the Benefits of ITIL Certification?

ITIL Certification

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Digital technology is rapidly improving how we conduct business. There needs to be some sort of guideline or principle that can be followed in order to implement the digital world to the world of business. ITIL certification Professionals have the power to supercharge the workings of these businesses by prescribing the best practices towards performing operations and their roles. In order to become an ITIL Profession, you need to first get an ITIL Course in order to prove your understanding of the entire ideology. This is only possible because of the high standards that ITIL has created for the world of business management. 

Basics of ITIL:

The full form of ITIL is Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a library or compilation of various principles, guidelines, and best practices that can be adopted by a business to streamline their working and boost their productivity. The history of ITIL started when the British Government first created the framework in the 1980s through the Central Computers and Telecommunications Agency. It had begun with a mere 30 books, but now, after several years of revision and correction, the current iteration of ITIL is far transformed and much wider than its beginnings. ITIL 4 is the most up-to-date version of the framework. It was released in the year 2019 and is divided into 9 primary principles: 

  • Focusing on the value.
  • Designing for user experience.
  • Starting from yourself.
  • Holistic Approach to Business.
  • Iterative Progress.
  • Direct Observations.
  • Transparency in Operations.
  • Collaboration of Teams.
  • Simplicity in Teams.  

Utilizing these principles, ITIL teaches businesses to automate. Automation is the thing able to revolutionize the industrial world because of its huge promising nature and rapid development. 

Unique Advantages of ITIL:

ITIL Professionals are highly demanded by businesses because they can give the following advantages to them:

  • ITIL creates a much stronger bond between Businesses and the potential that Information and Digital Technology offers. There are many businesses that are skeptical about automation, and this is where ITIL can create useful change. 
  • ITIL has a focus on improving the consumer experience. From the creation of the best possible products to the smooth Delivery of services along with after-sales supports, an organization can ensure its consumer’s protection and satisfaction. A satisfied customer is the best thing for any business.
  • Resource utilization is optimized in order to cut down is a wasteful expense.
  • ITIL creates better accountability through promoting a transparent and opaque business culture. 
  • ITIL empowers businesses to fight any contingencies or risks that might arise and protect themselves against them. 

Getting the Certificate:

The ITIL Foundation Certification can be acquired through many of the professional trainers affiliated with the AXELOS Foundation. You need to first undergo a course with 16 hours of training. The next thing that follows a one-hour examination where you need to score 65% marks. After passing the exam you will receive your certification. 

In conclusion, there are many benefits to becoming an ITIL Professional as it can open many lucrative job opportunities for you.

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