Ways to Tackle Aggression in Students

Tackle Aggression in Students
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School managements are opting for new and innovative tools like school management software. Such tools help school management administrate school properly. But sometimes aggressive behavior of students creates grave disturbance in a calm school environment. 

Usually, an aggressive student can have conflict with another student and then a fight starts which converts into physical fights and students start to hit each other. Now this is a situation which shows the whole discipline system shattering in front of others so teachers need to intervene between both. But now the teacher can’t hit or punish the children immediately, instead the teacher should separate both of the students very politely or if the situation is worse then he or she can use little force but not in the meaning to hurt any of them. Make the aggressive student sit in a class alone so that he or she can calm down, hear both of the parts i.e., both the students in order to know the real story and meanwhile report to their parents, as it is their right to know about their kids. Let’s see how this aggression in students can be tackled and put to calm:

  • Teachers need to identify such behavior in any student because it is not easy to find out such behavioral traits in any student. This needs teachers to organize some activities where the patience level of students can be measured and by identifying such students whose patience level is not so good and they should be introduced to such methods which can help them stay calm and cool.
  • ERP in school makes sure that tutors should control the school atmosphere. Whenever a situation goes out of control then the teacher should speak in a firm but non-violent way to make the student understand that though you are polite and kind to the learner you are in charge and indiscipline won’t be allowed in your class at any cost. The teacher should control himself/herself while making the aggressive student understand and even if the student is yelling and shouting at the teacher, he/she should remain calm and not pay heed to the aggressive student’s tantrums.
  • Instead of punishing the child immediately, the teacher needs to apply smart ways to make the student calm himself/herself and also to make him apologize for his behavior. The teacher can separate the combating students and send the aggressive student to sit in the class alone for some time and meanwhile let him cool down.
  • If due to any reason a volcano of students’ emotional distress outbursts, then it is impossible to control them so teachers or parents need to let the child cool off and then, let him vent. When the child becomes calm then hug him lovingly and ask gently the reason why he behaved violently and help him solve the situation instead of accusing him.
  • Parents and teachers have a very specific situation and that is to control their own anger over the temper tantrum of a child whether in school or at home because violence can never control violence, especially in the matter of a child. It is found in research that when teachers or parents exhibit calm behavior then kids cannot be violent or aggressive for long in front of them. So, if parents or teachers want children to be calm in anger, then they need to set an example themselves first.
  • Teachers and parents should inspire and encourage such students to do something creative and innovative such as regarding their studies, make them attend live classes of mentors whom the child assumes as role models & who can give the right path to students. Due to attending such inspiring live classes, students learn to control their emotions and be disciplined while asking questions or while teaching or mentor teaching.
  • As tutors make your student understand what wrong he/she did in aggression. Give your students a demo on how aggression destroys our willpower to think straightforward and makes you take all the decisions in the wrong way in order to destroy things only. It is so because you can’t make a child apologize for aggression and anger but yes, it is possible if firstly the child is explained and he/she understands the level of the harm he or she can do to his/her reputation. So, the tutor can make the child apologize politely to solve the situation.
  • Regular chat and talk sessions with children are necessary, especially for parents who should do it on a regular basis. Sit beside the child and ask what he did the whole day in school, try to find out if there is something bothering him; if yes then help him tackle the situation, and if not, then praise him for being gentle in school.

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