B2C Marketing: How Explainer Videos on Landing Pages Can Boost Conversion

B2C Marketing
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If you are a business that operates or sells its products or services to consumers then you must have known how critical B2C marketing is for your company. Companies operating in the B2B marketing segment have different B2C marketing needs than those operating in the B2C segment so it’s imperative that you plan your strategies accordingly. A video is an excellent tool that can help you as a business connect with customers and thereby boost your sales and ultimately create a growing revenue stream. Videos are the most relaxing and laid-back approach to targeting customers for they do not need much effort from the customer’s end. Using video materials you can also convey further any messages or images or animation that you may have wanted the customer to experience before they visit your website. However, do take note of your target audience’s location as adding a video on the landing page can cost them a large amount of bandwidth and if they are from a region where bandwidth is costly they would simply quit visiting your page altogether.

If you want to persuade your potential customers into giving you their undivided attention, try to make the video a centerpiece of your landing page, and also add a slideshow(gallery type) but do not cover the entire page with this. Suppose you have got to let your audience know about a new product launch event, then smartly place that information using a hidden agenda type video like maybe use a short one-minute teaser. 

B2C Marketing

Also do remember to seek professional help in creating videos since a lot of computational power and other skills and resources are needed for producing a good quality video. This is why it is better to leave video production work to the professionals while you focus on your core business. You could also try and make explainer videos. Explainer videos are something that lets your visitors grab information about your product or service in the shortest possible time frame. You do not even need their fullest of attention, even if you got their half attention that is sufficient. For example, they could be reading their morning newspaper and then simultaneously watching your website. Most professionals recommend an ideal explainer video length of utmost ninety seconds. The correct explainer video has the potential to bring about just the right audiences and is generally found to be favorable among them since they (visitors)are not pushed and literally forced to watch lengthy long-format videos. It was seen in a consumer research survey that 82 percent of customers agreed to visit a certain website based on the video they just saw on the landing page. The best way to get people to pay attention to your content is to keep it simple and meaningful for the customers.

B2C Marketing

You can try launching a youtube channel for showcasing your big and lengthy videos but link them to your websites. For example, post the full video on youtube but release a teaser of it on your website’s landing page. Also, remember to be extremely precise while making landing page videos. Because if you use clickbait-type videos to lure customers in then later they find out they will develop a massive hatred towards your brand and may even influence their friends and family to stop buying your products or service. So be genuine and make a teaser that is anyhow related to the main video. 

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Let’s square back to our main topic now. Nothing distracts or undermines a buyer’s confidence than poor visual or sound quality content. So invest in a good video production house and preferably one with a lot of good portfolios. This is because the first impression is the last impression. However good your product may be, its sales will never grow if the buyer has a negative first impression of you. So it’s critical that you make your decision wisely and do not cheapen out in this department.

A simple video lecture, while effective at providing information, will not engage with viewers. So try to keep the boring knowledge restricted to the full video and use interactive graphics to grab your customer’s attention first. Also if you think animated videos will work better for you, remember that this attention problem is even more profound over there. So try to focus on the video content rather than the content delivery mechanism. Also, keep in mind your customer’s geographic location while designing explainer videos. 

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