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Do you want to increase the web traffic of your website? Many offers exist on the market, and the quality of the traffic differs greatly. Some types of traffic that you will find for sale on the web have no added value in terms of efficiency for your analytics, or your SEO.

Spoiler: SearchSEO is the traffic bot reference for buying organic traffic. SearchSEO organic traffic is recorded in the search console. Moreover, the visits are generated via real visitors. This is the ultimate traffic bot.

So we will see here what is the best type of traffic bot available on the market, and especially: why is it the best. 

A traffic bot that generates organic visits

The CTR bot

Also called CTR bot or organic search bot, a traffic bot for organic visits is the best on the market. Indeed, it aims to generate searches from a keyword on which your website is referenced, and this from a location defined by the IP used.

Example: You choose the keyword “car” and the location “USA” – then the search will be done from, with a US IP.

organic visits

Once your domain name is found in the SERP, the automated bot traffic clicks on your website link (domain name), and visits your website randomly.

At that moment, you will have a click and an impression recorded in your Google Search Console. If the clicks are

recorded in Search Console, it means that the quality of traffic is exceptional. 

Receiving clicks from keywords from the SERP, directly to your website increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your keywords. This means that you will get a higher % of clicks than your competitors. Google will understand that your website is the most relevant for this specific search. 

And inevitably, you will be better ranked  in the search results. As lot of users did with SearchSEO.

Traffic Bot

That’s why among the traffic bot, the CTR bot is the best!

Why not choose a classic traffic bot?

As a rule, when you buy a traffic bot offering a lot of free traffic, it is fake traffic. 

This traffic is generated from free proxies, which triggers Google events to fake the traffic source.

In this sense, if you see organic traffic, then there is a 100% chance that it is fake. And as a proof, it will not be recorded in Google Search Console.

Moreover, there is no SEO value with this type of traffic. Other than destroying your analytics, you won’t get much out of it.

Why is SearchSEO the best traffic bot?

In addition to generating high quality organic visits, many settings are available from the SearchSEO interface.

Traffic Bot

For each visit, you can choose the location: that is to say, from which country the organic visits will be made, and therefore by which version of Google. 

Ex: If you choose France, then the traffic will be generated from 

Moreover, you can choose the number of pages that each visitor will visit once they arrive on your website, and how long the session will last (dwell time).

As you can see, with SearchSEO you buy quality web traffic, ultra customizable, and that acts on all the main SEO factors: 

  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time 
  • le CTR (Click Throught rate)
  • Le scroll rate 
  • Mobile search

Depending on the plan, the limitations may vary – 


Don’t hesitate any longer, and start receiving free traffic with the SearchSEO free trial. You will receive 25 organic clicks per day, for 3 days! 

Moreover, if your SEO is well optimized, SearchSEO is a real asset to your SEO strategy. It will allow you to boost the positive signals of your site to Google!

Guaranteed results in 4 to 8 weeks depending on the difficulty of your keyword, and your competitors! 

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