The 7 Best Things to do on Versailles Palace Tour

Versailles Palace Tour
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The palace of Versailles is one of Europe’s most beautiful palaces. It has history and glory embedded in it. It makes it one of the most sought-after places for visitors across the globe. It is located in the most beautiful and serene location just outside the city of Paris. It is also known as Château de Versailles.

Enjoy the much-awaited Versailles Palace tour without waiting in line at the front gate with skip-the-line admission. Follow a professional guide on this 90-minute tour of the palace to view the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments and the Versailles Hall of Mirrors. Then step outside on your own to leisurely explore the vast Versailles gardens.

It shows the extravaganza of the French imperial class with its glory and aesthetic.

The place is also considered the symbol of breaking away from the tyrant monarchy and establishing the common will of the people.

When you visit for the royal Versailles Palace tour make sure you have a tour guide. It will surely enhance your experience with an expert citing all the associated history and mystery related to it.

Once you embark on the palace of Versailles tour you must make a priority on your to-do list.

  1. Start with the Hall of Mirrors. The Hall gives a full glimpse of the lost royalty. It gives stunning light reflection through silver mirrors and the hall is filled with good plating designs. There are a total of 357 mirrors adorning the hall which makes it a site to behold. The Royal Opera hall also stuns many of the visitors. It was once used by royalty who were indulging in music and recreation. It was the biggest Opera hall in Europe. It could have 1200 spectators at once.
  1. The King’s and the Queen’s State Apartments have different splendour and aesthetics. Visitors take a keen interest in the decor of the royalties. 
  1. The Royal Chapel is by far the much talked about place in the royal Versailles Palace tour. The Royal chapel is commonplace for religious beliefs and the ruling monarchy. The chapel also witnessed the marriage of the Royal couple.
  1. The ceiling paintings of the Royal palace are one of the most striking features which have amazed art lovers from all across the world. It has a twist of Renaissance and contemporary art.
  1. The royal gardens are the best sites to behold. It is filled with lush greenery and a serene atmosphere away from the fast life of  Paris. It has always been a favourite spot for the royalties to indulge in recreation. Fountains and sculptures are there to adorn the look. Tourists also experience musical garden shows and musical fountain shows there. The gardens are centred on the grand canal which is also used for boating by tourists. The Apollo fountains in the royal gardens are the best to experience during the palace of Versailles tour.
  1. As we are aware of the influence of Catholicism in the French monarchy, the palace of Versailles tour also contains the cathedral of Versailles. While you are touring the palace of Versailles, try to learn about the lives of the monarchy and how people led the revolution there. You would not just get to see the palace, the gardens and the architecture but also the arts in paintings, the carving on the walls, the gold plated pillars and tennis court etc. The palace has a small hamlet built in the style of the Normandy farms on the royal orders of Queen Marie Antoinette.
  1. The Grand Trianon is one of the most artistic and subtle things to see there. It is a palace of pink marble. It was made to keep the private time of the king away from the noisy life of the main palace. Petit Trianon was made as a gift to the new Empress of France, Marie Antoinette when she embraced the French family. The garden has an Anglo-oriental touch to it. The queen herself wanted to make it a botanical garden near her residence. It was torn down during the revolution but later Napoleon revamped it for his personal use.

These places are highly recommended to you if you are opting for the palace of Versailles tour anytime soon. It is worth visiting but since it is a huge list of places and the royal palace itself is huge, you need to go on time and ask for a local tour guide with a small touring group.

Even after the Revolution and Napoleonic era, it still contains much greater importance for the French people. It is the most beautiful and accurate place for understanding medieval French culture. The palace of Versailles tour will be accompanied by the audio tape in the background for more clarity. 

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