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Sagrada Familia

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If you’re going to Barcelona, do you know how to get to the Sagrada Familia? Sagrada Familia, frequently regarded as the most ambitious and perplexing architectural achievement in modern history, will probably be finished before 2026. Antonio Gaud’s masterpiece attracts tourists from near and far to take in its remarkable beauty and rich meaning. It is one of Barcelona’s top attractions and one of the most distinctive cathedrals in the entire world. You may learn how to explore the Sagrada Familia tour without missing anything in this article.


The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s most well-known monument, attracts some extremely astounding numbers every single day. It comes as no surprise that thousands of people walk through their doors every day. It’s usually preferable to purchase your tickets in advance to ensure that you may visit this Church without difficulty. You may purchase your tickets online up to two months in advance, but unless you’re travelling during the holiday season, it is recommended to wait until a week or two prior to your arrival.

When to Go?

Visit the Sagrada Familia between 9 and 10 in the morning. Visit on a weekday to avoid the tourist crowds that occur on weekends. One of the church’s top attractions is the stained-glass windows. Visitors swarm the church at noon and in the evening to see the sun’s rays strike the glass.

Barcelona is best visited in the spring (May to June). With temperatures rising to 18 degrees Celsius, the climate is pleasant and sunny. Another great time to go is in the fall, which lasts from September to December when summer visitors have already left. The average temperature during winter, which begins in January and lasts until March, is 13 degrees. If possible, avoid traveling between July and August.

Sagrada Familia ticket types include:

The Sagrada Familia offers four basic ticket types for visitors:

Basic Ticket 17€

Audio Guide Ticket 25€

Guided Tour Ticket 26€

Audio Guide and Towers Ticket 32€

Getting There

Public Transportation

  • Metro: The Sagrada Familia is conveniently located near the metro. Arrive at an exit near the church by taking the L2 and L5 lines.
  • Official Barcelona cabs have a four-person maximum capacity per trip. The cost per additional kilometre ranges from €1.21 to €1.45, and the minimum fee is €7.
  • Bus: There are several buses that go to Sagrada Familia. You may get to the church using bus routes 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20, and B24. Arrive at the València – Lepant stop and exit.

By Car

One of the world’s most exquisite urban designs may be found in Barcelona. The city is simple to get around. Sagrada Familia is conveniently located near the city’s core, making it possible to go there on foot.

Parking garages nearby:

  • Sagrada Familia parking (4 minutes away on foot)
  • Bryant Krup (Four minutes on foot)
  • Sagrada Familia by Rius (Five minutes on foot)

Sagrada Familia: What to See?

Visit the Sagrada Familia to see Gaudi’s incredible talent. There is a lot to see inside the Sagrada Familia, including lofty columns that are colored by the hues of the glass-stained windows and detailed embellishments on the altar and apse.


The Nativity Facade, the Passion Facade, and the Glory Facade are the three principal facades that make up Sagrada Familia. Each facade has a connection to Christ’s life. The Nativity Facade commemorates Jesus’ birth, the Passion Facade shows His suffering and death, and the Glory Facade shows His unending glory. The Glory Facade is still unfinished.

The Towers

The Sagrada Familia Towers are stunning and intriguing. Only eight of the 18 skyscrapers that the architect planned have been built. To enter the towers, visitors must purchase a separate ticket. The tower has a lift that you can use to ascend it, but the staircase is required to descend it.

Museum of Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia Museum, a must-see destination for history and architectural enthusiasts, displays the building models, blueprints, and photographs created by Antoni Gaudi, the architect who created the Sagrada Familia. Under the Passion facade, in the semi-basement, is the museum.

Tips for Visitors

  • No longer required within the Basilica are face masks.
  • All guests are required to adhere closely to the dress code. Don’t forget to cover your legs and shoulders. Hats are prohibited.
  • Every Sunday at 9 AM, there is an international mass if you’re interested.
  • To make the most of your visit, consider taking a Sagrada Familia guided tour. If not, you can always research the Basilica’s background before visiting.

Go through this guide and make sure you make the most out of your Sagrada Familia tour. So, get your Sagrada Familia tickets now and be prepared to get fascinated by this incredible feat of human architecture. Safe travels!

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