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Do you feel you do not have the suitable vessel to stir fry your husband’s favourite fried rice? Do you want a utensil that has multipurpose uses? Then, all you need to buy is the perfect type of wok. They come in significant benefits for your cooking purposes. Its usefulness does not limit to just stir-frying; you can use it for steaming, preparing soups, deep frying and many more. It distributes heat evenly and quickens the cooking process. The prime difference between a frying pan and this type is its shape. A frying pan has a flat bottom structure with little depth, whereas a wok has a round base with more depth letting its content sit in the centre.

Deep frying your chicken in the latter requires less oil than any other pan. It is due to its deep round bottom structure. From cooking pasta to boiling eggs, this pan is a priority among its users. Also, if you are preparing a dish with numerous ingredients or cooking a single dish in bulk quantities, it has plentiful space to cook it all. If you are running a restaurant, cooking with this pan and showing off your stir-frying skills can attract many customers to dine in.

Things to consider before shopping for a wok for your cooking

1. Their material

They are available in different stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel materials. You must never buy a pan of non-stick material as this material cannot handle high temperatures during frying and wear off quickly. When used, they release toxic vapours of the non-stick layer that can be toxic to health. The stainless steel is good in looks but can take a lot of time to heat up on small burners. The cast iron material can be perfect for people looking for non-stick style pans. The carbon steel ones are the best make preferred by many cooks. They are light in weight yet durable when suitably cared for. They spread heat evenly and make your cooking time less than usual.

2. Their make

Manufacturers produce these types of pans in three methods. The first and most liked method is the traditional hand hammering method. The indents created while hammering the pan makes it suitable for the perfect cooking of any stir fry food. Next is the stamped type. The manufacturers make them by cutting the material (cast iron or carbon steel) circularly, then pressing them into the mould. They are less expensive compared to other types. The final one is the spun wok, made from a lathe. These pans have concentric circles that make it easy to flip and stir the food.

3. Their shapes

These types of traditional pans have a wide mouth which is of a deep bowl shape. Remember, the bottom of the saucepan should be such that it fits on your cooking range of gas or electrical ones. The bottom should be round with optimum measures. It should not be too flat to serve the purpose of a frying pan. Experts suggest these types of pan work at their best with five-inch flat bottom and slopes extending out at about 12 to 14 inches.

4. Their handles

These pans come with handles of two types. The first one is the Cantonese style, and the other is the Northern style. The former type has small handles on both sides. The latter ones have a small handle on one side and a long holdable handle on the other side. People usually prefer the latter ones as it has a handle to hold and another support handle for a stir and fold of the ingredients.

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