The Simple Guide to Ergonomics for Programmers


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Ergonomics: Working as a programmer can wreak havoc on your posture, spine and neck health. From back pain to slouching and developing a hump, the side effects of sitting for over 8 hours can be detrimental to your posture and overall health. That’s why you should start looking into all the segments of your work that can be improved soon. That will allow you to feel much better, and do your work more efficiently without any pain and discomfort.

Pay attention to computer position

The position of your computer plays a key role in your posture. For optimal comfort and health, position the monitor at eye level. If the viewed part of the screen allows you to keep your neck in a neutral or straight position, you’re sitting properly.

Center the monitor directly in front of you, with the top of the computer screen slightly below the top of your head. That way, you can look at it with a slightly downward gaze instead of with a fully lowered head.

Do your stretches

Sitting for multiple hours a day can put a lot of strain on your wrists and joints. That’s why you should make stretches a regular part of your daily routine. During your regular break from work, do fist to fan stretches. Not only will they strengthen the hand and forearm muscles, but also improve finger dexterity. Start by closing your hands tightly in a fist. Pop your hands open and spread your fingers out as much as you can. Repeat the stretch 10 times.

Stand up and do a back bend stretch to loosen up your tight lower back muscles. Bent arm shoulder stretch, levator scapulae stretch, and downward-facing dog stretch will also help you improve your posture and prevent any discomfort caused by long sitting.

Try a variety of exercises

Aerobic exercises are perfect for sustaining strength and improving cardiovascular conditioning. On top of that, they’ll also help you get rid of any back pain too. If you enjoy running, that can be your daily dose of cardio that will prevent discomfort after sitting behind your desk for over 8 hours. If you take the best pre workout supplements you’ll improve your energy and make the exercise even more efficient.

That will allow for longer workout times which will offer more energy and help you focus on work afterwards. Even finding 10 minutes for a workout can pay off in the long run. As long as you mix jumping jacks, sit-ups, and planks into the routine, you’ll have a good workout routine that will be very beneficial for your health.

Watch your posture

Have you noticed that you slouch too often as you sit down? If you have, that’s one of the reasons for discomfort. One of the ways to improve your sitting posture is to use a chair with good back support. Keep your feet on the floor at a 90 degrees angle. Twist and bend your trunk or neck as little as possible. Your shoulders should be relaxed and elbows close to your sides.

For optimal comfort, position your elbows at 100 to 110 degrees. When you’re keying, keep your wrists in a neutral or straight position. Take regular 10-minute breaks every hour to do all the stretches that we’ve suggested. Every few hours, you should get up, move around, and do an alternative activity.

Develop a healthier work technique

Developing a healthier working technique will be of the essence when you decide to work on improving your ergonomics. Use macros or software programs that use sticky keys to reduce keystrokes. Scroll locks and keystroke combinations will reduce pointing-device movements, which will save you precious moves that can cause a lot of strain on your hands and wrists.

When you work at the keyboard, try to keep your fingers and knuckles relaxed. Don’t use too much force to hit the keyboard. On top of that, try to hold your pointing device less tightly with a relaxed hand.

Adjust your working environment

Adjusting your working environment can also have a huge impact on your ergonomics. For starters, place your keyboard, pointing device, files and telephone close to you. They should all be within arm’s reach so that you can avoid excessive reaching. Position a copyholder in line with your monitor and keyboard. If you place it well enough, it can even double as a writing surface.

Final thoughts

Working as a programmer can take its toll on your physical health. That’s why you should do everything in your power to improve your posture and take regular breaks. Do your stretches, improve the working environment and develop a healthier working technique to make sure you’re offering your body only the most comfortable and preventing any pain. Be sure you’re sitting right, trying a variety of exercises and taking regular breaks to make the most of your work and take care of your well-being.

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