7 Ways to Combine Email Marketing with Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing with Search Engine Optimisation

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Search engine optimisation is an important part of everyday digital marketing and business, and it is certainly not simply just limited to search engines and websites that advertising takes place on. Off-page search engine optimisation is just as important as on-page search engine optimisation and its technicalities as well. Link building is absolutely crucial to off-page search engine optimisation, but strangely email marketing can help with it as well. The whole point of search engine optimising is that it should technically rocket you and your link or business to the top of the search results. The combined effects of search engine optimisation and email marketing should assist your business with climbing to the top of the search results. This whole process will add overall visibility and increase positive reputation to your business and brand. Here I will detail eight ways to combine email marketing with search engine optimisation techniques in order to help your business succeed as much as it possibly can.

1. Reduced Bounce Rates

Email marketing creates targeted website traffic for your business, and with email marketing, you can get highly targeted traffic to your website. Blog posts can be shared with a targeted email list if it contains a CTA, or ‘call to action’. The call to action which you share with said targeted email list can be clicked on by people who are curious about the content which you advertise as a business and visit your website. Targeted ads and targeted marketing such as email marketing and search engine optimisation are more effective than standardised or general methods. As Rowan Terence, a marketing blogger at OX Essays review and State of writing, noted, “The targeted nature of these marketing ventures will greatly reduce the likelihood of high ‘bounce rates’. Targeted advertising will ensure that less people will bounce away from your website because of its targeted nature.”

2. Repurposed Newsletter Content

Daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters are helpful tools that can be used to promote your latest business updates, products, and services, and blog posts. However, newsletters are not only to be used for promotion and marketing techniques. Newsletters can be used to keep subscribers interested, promote certain ideals or ways of life, or simply market the business itself. It is important to promote your business and its content to the relevant subscribers through a newsletter as well. It is crucial to ensure that your newsletters are well designed and use a relevant template. The newsletter should be attractive and be designed to keep readers interested. Going ahead and marketing this newsletter through efficient search engine optimisation will be effective and efficient, especially if this newsletter is in turn repurposed for email marketing as well. Repurposed newsletter content can be used in either a blog post, an email as aforementioned, or any other type of content. The content that you create for your newsletter or blog post, if re-purposed, can be used multiple times in the future. It is important to repurpose content like this for different audiences in order to not seem repetitive or dull. 

It is important that when using re-purposed newsletter content to mention in the text that the content was originally ‘subscriber only’ content. It is important to remind readers and observers of your content that there is still subscriber only content and that there is an option to become permanently attached to your business. Advertising the fact that subscriber only content is still around will encourage people to sign up to your email address, elect to get notifications from your blog, or regularly check in with your business as a whole. 

3. Generate Traffic Through the Use of Automated Sequences 

Email marketing and the use of emails for promotion purposes allows you to harbour the power of automation and the use of such sequences in your business. Email automation allows you to create email sequences automatically and let them behave as they will. Email automation not only takes the extra human effort and time cost out of email marketing which can often be both time consuming and monotonous. When your corporation receives a new subscriber or interest, they will most likely see your most important and valuable posts without too much human effort from your side of the table. This is because of the magic of email automation and automation sequences. Email automation will be able to cope with a growing number of subscribers or an increase in overall traffic. As traffic increases, search engines such as Google will take note of the increased traffic and allow your website to appear higher up in the search engine rankings. This is called search engine optimisation. 

4. Social Media Engagement and Growth

Social media is an incredible tool for businesses these days, and it has grown in both size and popularity. It is important first of all for your business to have social media. A business without social media these days is very unlikely to be popular and is not likely to succeed in the business world. When sending out email marketing and when working on search engine optimisation, it is important to attach social media buttons and links to your relevant social pages with each piece of messaging. Attaching these said social sharing buttons will encourage those who are viewing your content (especially your subscribers) to share your content and help increase its overall growth and popularity. As Jess Richards, a SEO writer at Revieweal and Best australian writers, commented, “The best idea in encouraging your viewers and subscribers to share your social media content and other information is to include a CTA or ‘call to action’ in the messaging.” This will drive traffic to your website and your social media pages because it is not just your marketing efforts but the inane actions and unknowing marketing of your connections which is promoting your business. Because of these actions, the search engine optimisation which your corporation possesses will skyrocket or improve over time. This happens simply because of the fact that social media has an incredible power over the opinions of the people who use it and of the popularity of the companies which use it too.

5. Utilisation of the ‘Call to Action’

A ‘Call to Action’ is a crucial part of email marketing and email marketing is nowhere near as effective without it. It is one of the most important parts of an email, as it grabs the attention of the reader and gives the reader a goal or an activity to complete which keeps them involved in the activities of the company and also makes them an unwitting marketer for the company without knowing it. A ‘call to action’ requests that the reader (most likely a subscriber) completes a specific action. This same call to action is similar to what happens when people re-share or re-post content from a business or company on social media. A well-constructed ‘call to action’ is key to getting people to complete it. The perfect way to lose subscribers is to present a call to action which does not capture people or looks messy. 

6. Make Content which is Delivered Personalised

Email marketing is only effective if used correctly. A long time ago, companies could get away with putting out generalised content because there was not the expectation for companies to personalise marketing to fit each consumer. These days, the amount of data and information which is out in the world about each individual person is so great that people almost expect personalised content subconsciously. Because of this, email segmentation and targeted marketing has become incredibly crucial. When people get marketing content that is specificized and personalised to them, they will be much more likely to respond to the marketing itself and be more interested in it. 

It is important to understand your market and segment it into parts. Depending on who is in your target market, the market should be split and segmented dependent on works the best for the people in your target market. Personalised marketing content can be sent according to age, gender, location, psychographic interests, personality types, and many other market segmentation tools. I would personally suggest studying your target market closely before segmenting it and studying the segments closely before you send out any targeted marketing such as email marketing, blog posts, text messaging, or targeted paid advertisements.

7. Request Customer Reviews

A great way to both encourage customer interaction with your business and promote your business as a whole is to request customer reviews. Advertising reviews allows for an incredibly positive combination of customer interaction alongside marketing efforts. Asking subscribers for reviews and advertising those reviews on websites, on blogs, in paid advertisements, and in email marketing. This is incredibly helpful especially when it comes to increasing a business’ search engine optimisation and the effectivity of its email marketing. This use of local reviews and overall positive feedback for a business is incredibly important for local businesses and corporations due to the fact that it is one of the few ways to increase its own search engine optimisation without it being solely controlled by the general public.  A vast majority of consumers agree that positive real life customer reviews will increase the likelihood of them wanting to engage with a business, and also how much they initially trust the business itself. 

It is possible to send email marketing with effective calls to action, asking your subscribers or readers to review and submit reviews for your business or company. It is incredibly crucial to ask your customers to simply submit reviews that you can read through and pick the best and most flattering from. It is very unwise to allow just anyone to publicly post reviews (especially sponsored ones), as the potential for negative reviews is there. 

Although email marketing is not the sole effector of search engine optimisation, it is an incredibly crucial part of the ability of a business to market their products or services to the general public. Email marketing is important and related to the effective segmentation and targeting of the market that your company operates in. CRM Email marketing and the different things that you can achieve within it has a direct correlation to an increase in search engine optimisation. Garnering the attention of relevant web traffic not only helps reduce the bounce rates of the internet traffic you might get, but it also helps you develop more content for your websites, blogs, and social media sites; it most importantly corners the search engine optimisation of your industry’s market as a whole. The combination of email marketing and search engine optimisation will allow you and your company to effectively use marketing techniques and market segmentation to maximise web traffic and effective search engine optimisation. Hopefully these seven top tips have given you the leg up that you need to help your business market successfully.

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