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In the UK 11 Plus Exams are the grammar school entrance exam. Students of Year 6 attempt 11 Plus Exams for admission in Year 7. It is one of the crucial times in a student’s academic career.  At the same time, preparation for grammar school becomes a considerable challenge. You have to look after the right grammar school, admission criteria, curriculum, timetable and necessities for secondary school preparation. From securing good grades to admission in grammar school, there is a complimentary journey. Besides preparation, there is a need to prepare your child for secondary schooling. But before your child has to attempt the 11 Plus exam. It is a challenging time for the child and parent as well.  Therefore there is a need for vigilant preparation and 11 Plus tutoring in Reading can really aid your child’s 11 plus preparation. 

Ease yourself. We are here with the best exam preparation tips and 11 Plus guides for parents. Besides these crucial measures, we will address 11 Plus exam FAQs of parents. Shall we begin! 

11 Plus Preparation Guide

The 11 Plus exam evaluates the intelligent quotient of individuals. The exam focuses on four domains; English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Whenever you begin preparation for a grammar school entrance exam, concentrate on developing 11 Plus skills. These refined skills will be a reflection of your success. Our experts have concluded the top 7 Strategies for 11 Plus exam success.

1-Start with Right Selection of Grammar School

11 Plus preparation starts with the selection of grammar school. Choosing the school can be a burdensome decision. There are about 163 functioning grammar schools. You need to do is:

  • list down the names of grammar schools in your area
  • collect the necessary information required for admission
  • check the required 11 Plus exam criteria
  • look after the fee structures
  • plan a tour to the school
  • get your child familiar with the environment

There is a suggestion for you to select two schools as a backup plan. In case your child does not compete, there will be a competent plan for them. Be prepared for every situation. Communicate with your child about the possible emerging scenarios while preparing for 11 Plus exams.

2-Prepare English and Maths Subjects in Advance

English and Maths are the core subjects of the 11 Plus exam. We will suggest you make a start earlier than the due date. Start with the 11 Plus English and maths worksheets. Practice them well and learn from your mistakes. Make sure that your child is preparing every single topic of the 11 Plus. Access the credible resources for 11 Plus practice papers. The determination and hard work will make your child  stand out in the grammar school entrance exam.

3- Boost your Child’s Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the essential segment of 11 Plus English subjects. Moreover, your vocabulary will justify the logical explanations in Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning papers. Encourage your child to learn new words. Assist them well and facilitate your child with advanced 11 Plus vocabulary. This skill will help them to secure good grades in the 11 Plus exam.

Tip: Encourage your child to follow a regular revision. The practice will facilitate the retention of new words. Besides focusing on spelling, motivate your child to use the vocabulary in their daily life conversation as well.

4- Make Learning Fun

11 Plus preparation feels like a huge burden on the students. The majority of the pupils went through mixed emotions. The reason behind their mental state is stress and exam anxiety.

Make Learning fun

Exactly!  The only thing you need to do is make learning fun for pupils. Encourage your child to play 11 Plus English and Maths games. Incorporate practical examples when it comes to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning preparation.  Outline the best strategies that motivate your child. Keep in touch with them and look after their interests and weak areas. 

5- Be Careful When You Invest your Time

Prepare a practical timetable for your child. There are dozens of worksheets, vocabulary, and protocols to remember. Make sure that the schedule you make accommodates 11 Plus practice papers and revision. Divide the study hours with break intervals, such that your planned schedule covers the entire curriculum of 11 Plus exams. Moreover, it should be flexible.

Once you are done with the preparation, start with the 11 Plus revision plan. The plan must cover the 11 Plus exam questions.  The practice will shape their mindset for the final round.

6- Boost your Child’s Stamina

Building your child’s stamina is essential during the 11 Plus exam preparation. There are simple steps you can practice to boost your child’s learning:

  • encourage them to play outdoor games
  • make a habit of regular exercise, yoga or meditation
  • assist them to spend  some time on their hobby
  • get your child familiar with the environment of grammar school
  • appreciate their efforts and keep them motivating
  • let them learn at their own pace

Many of the students lose their hopes during the preparation. We suggest you keep on checking your child. Ask them if they need any help. For 11 Plus help, you can visit Adnan Khan Tutoring.

7- Start Earlier 

Earning success is not a one-night game. When it comes to 11 Plus exam preparation, there is a common ambiguity.

When to start 11 Plus exam preparation?

There is not a rock-solid answer. Here, the capabilities of your child matter. We will prefer you to start preparing your child earlier. There are plans for 11 Plus preparation for Years 4 and 5. The earlier you start, the more time you will have for practice and revision.

What score do you need to pass 11 plus?

Every grammar school sets the passing criteria of the 11 Plus exam. The students who score 80% are considered to pass. Some grammar schools offer 12 Plus and even 13 Plus exams. Just make sure that you are investing your energy and time in the right direction. Continuous hard work will earn success. With the assistance of our experts, we have suggested the best measures to prepare for the 11 Plus exam. Start working right now!

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