STEM Skills Can Be Learned from Home, and It’s Fun for Kids

STEM Skills

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In countries across the world, parents want their kids to learn STEM skills, perceived as a gateway to engaging, higher-paying jobs. Anybody who knows how to code can be an asset in a wide array of jobs.

You can’t learn how to code without absorbing other valuable computer skills that employers demand across industries. Juggling parenting and career responsibilities have never been easy, and the pandemic has only made things harder.

If you’re looking for a productive and enjoyable extracurricular that your child can do from home, learning how to code is perfect. Please keep reading to learn more about what you should expect from your online coding course.

Professional Coding Languages

Some coding classes for kids begin at too low a level, teaching programs like Scratch, which aren’t really coding languages but drag-and-drop program that only conveys a sense of what coding is like. In reality, no professional coder ever uses Scratch to build websites, apps, or video games.

It’s better for kids to learn one of the more popular pro coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

That way, they’ll have transferrable skills that are highly in demand in the workforce.

Learn to Code Games

Children’s love of video games dates back to the beginning of gaming. Instead of kids pumping quarters into arcade games, today, people shell out serious money for games, and even free ones let you make in-game purchases. As a result, the video game industry is worth many billions of dollars annually and is quickly rising.

The best year-round online coding courses for kids put video games at the centre of the lessons, as each child gets to create their own video game. Motivated kids work harder and have so much fun that it never feels like work!

Plus, industry leaders use gamification concepts in their classes to keep students as hooked on learning as gamers are when they’re at play.

Young Teachers in Small Groups

Classroom management issues are liable to arise when teachers have large groups. Ideally, an online setting has no more than four students per teacher, so sessions are orderly and productive.

Students shouldn’t have to fight for their teacher’s attention. STEM subjects can be complicated, and students need all the support they can get. Post-secondary computer science students make perfect teachers because they’re experts with recent coding experience in school and the workforce.

High school students may wonder what navigating the job market is like with STEM skills or what to expect from coding classes after they graduate. They won’t have to look far for the perfect people to ask.

STEM skills are valuable in their own right, as they teach kids critical thinking abilities that help keep their minds in shape. They also give them a leg up on the competition in later grades and when applying for jobs. If you want your child to learn STEM skills without having to drive them to another extracurricular, look for a program that meets all the above criteria.


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