Top Software Testing Companies in New Jersey

Software Testing Companies
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There are many advantages to outsourcing software testing services to an American quality assurance firm, including time savings in establishing a QA team and a shorter time to market for the finished product.  

To get a high-quality product, established businesses with in-house QA teams will occasionally work with a software testing company. You can raise quality standards and meet delivery deadlines with the aid of an impartial American testing firm. 


Below mentioned are some of the best Software Testing firms in New Jersey. We can through step by step: 

A) XDuce 

XDuce, a global provider of Software Testing, system integration, and staffing services, started in 2006 and has its corporate headquarters in New Jersey. Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, and AWS services are all areas in which XDuce, an award-winning technology services partner, has excelled. A number of the largest organizations in the US rely on XDuce, a well-known company in the mid-market area, for solutions in Application Development, Mobility Services, Infrastructure Management, Strategic IT Consulting, and Contractual & Permanent Staffing.  

Through its staffing services, XDuce has been providing support to a sizable number of clients in the IT industry. Our team of over 300 employees and consultants, who work relentlessly around the clock to provide great services to our clients, share our commitment to excellence. 

They offer a variety of services, including IT consulting, IT staffing, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud Finance, Oracle E-Business Suite, database management, database warehouse, strategic consulting, contract recruitment, permanent recruitment, job openings, offshore recruitment services, business and market intelligence, and candidate generation. 

XDuce has a wealth of experience helping companies in a wide range of industries integrate new digital solutions into their core business processes. We’ve collaborated with some of the best brands in the market to streamline and automate their processes. 

B) Testrig Technologies 

The team at Testrig provides skilled testing solutions for various business fields thanks to years of experience and knowledge.  

Testrig experts have a strong commitment to their work. Their knowledge aids them in finding even the most difficult-to-find bugs. They develop their skill sets by contributing to programmes, in addition to getting experience by working on various projects. To ensure that all the goods (apps and software) are error-free, they have established themselves as a reputable software testing consulting firm in New Jersey and provide all forms of software QA testing services. You may rely on Testrig regardless of your needs. They provide below services: 

  • Security Testing 
  • Web API Testing 
  • Mobile Application Testing 
  • Cloud Testing 
  • Performance Testing 
  • Regression Testing 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Android App Testing 

One can get in touch with them to know more about the type of services they offer. 

C) AppSquadz 

A mobile and web application development firm focused on creating fun and interesting apps for your business! proficient in the use of platforms including OTT, Live Streaming, VOD, Pendrive Class Software, Android, iOS, Windows, Web development, AWS web services, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Elemental Link.  

It is a rapidly expanding IT company with expertise in iOS app development, digital marketing, AI, VR, and IoT. They consider it their duty to provide user-centric solutions for your business.  

More than 200 talented and experienced developers, designers, and marketers make up the team. 15+ years of collective industry experience. Business analysts, app developers, web developers, designers, testers, and sales experts with a run time of more than ten years. So far, they have developed more than 850 Android and iOS applications, covering a variety of industries including health, e-commerce, education, travel, shopping, lifestyle, food, entertainment, logistics, and many more. 

D) Inventcolabs 

An innovative provider of IT services, Inventcolabs has clients all around the world. They have served 200+ firms for more than 8 years and are one of the most valuable providers in the field. They have been providing businesses with end-to-end consulting, development, and upgrade solutions. They are experts in Native and hybrid mobile Apps, consumer and enterprise web, E-commerce, and CRM solutions. They work across all essential domain verticals to leave a lasting imprint on IT innovation on a global scale.  

They have locations in the USA, Singapore, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We served upscale clients like Adidas, Porsche, Toyota, Rentone, etc. with the original idea to serve blue-chip customers with their business & company requirements.  

We are a reputable firm that can react to consumer sensibility and market developments. We have helped more than 200 companies of all sizes and capacities with our pro-domain knowledge in creating specialized solutions.  

Our Main Services Include:  

  • IPhone app creation  
  • Web design and development Android app development Hybrid mobile app development  
  • Enterprise Mobility Development and Net Development  
  • Consulting for CRM and ERP  
  • Solutions for Big Data  
  • Solution Development for AI & ML  
  • Python Programming  
  • Centre for Offshore Development  
  • Development of Personalized Software 

E) Tvisha Technologies Incorporation 

Tvisha began as a full-service systems integration and network consulting firm that assisted businesses in creating their digital workspaces. It has since developed experience in application development and maintenance. Business logic, employee workflow, and proper administration all contributed to the efficient and effective operation of the business systems. Since relying on applications has become standard, Tvisha started developing mobile apps for many platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. The overwhelming success in this area allowed Tvisha to expand and start using digital marketing, a modern marketing strategy.  

The following are the services offered by Tvisha: software/application development, software/application maintenance, infrastructure management, outsourcing, networking development, and digital marketing. With the breadth of our custom software development services, we have expanded into developing online and mobile applications.  

Tvisha Technologies was started in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic NRIs who combined their efforts with their vast 20 years of expertise in networking solutions. It began as a full-service systems integration and network consulting firm that assisted businesses in creating digital workspaces, but it is now a fully-fledged IT and SW development company. Tvisha has recently expanded into the development and support of both mobile and online applications due to the expanding prospects and technology. 

F) MindInventory 

Since 2011, MindInventory has provided services related to enterprise web development, startup consulting, mobility solutions, and UI/UX consulting to businesses, startups, and agencies.  

With a staff of 200+ employees working from our head office in Ahmedabad, India, MindInventory has a combined experience of more than 1000 years. We offer corporate businesses online and mobile app development services with the appropriate tactical strategy to reach target consumers. Additionally, we provide early-stage startups and small enterprises with specialized strategic solutions and lay the foundation for a future in which their ideas are considered optimal solutions.  

To give our clients the greatest experience possible, we never stop researching new directions in driving technology and hurriedly putting the newest trends into practice. Some of our clients have been successful in their field and have obtained funding from renowned venture capital firms.  

Our Core Offerings:  

  • Creation of mobile applications (Android, iOS)  
  • Develop cross-platform apps (React Native, Ionic, Flutter)  
  • Website Development (PHP, Laravel, Golang)  
  • Full Development of the stack (React, Angular, Vue, Node.js)  
  • Development of the MEAN Stack  
  • IoT and Wearable Device Development  
  • Solutions for Enterprise Application  
  • Game Design and Development – UI/UX Design  
  • Hire devoted developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. 

G) Cloudlabs247 

Because they only hire a small number of highly qualified and skilled engineers, Cloudlabs247 is the best place to find qualified remote engineers/developers. After carefully examining their abilities and knowledge on several levels, they choose engineers.  

You may easily engage remote developers and only pay for the services you utilize without having to pay any premium fees. They use cutting-edge AI technology to tackle issues in many different industries so hiring engineers online is simple. For the busy business sectors, their automated solutions have streamlined and accelerated the hiring procedure.  

Their Python developers combine creativity and experience to create Python development solutions that support the clean, pragmatic design and speedy development. It is the best site to hire database professionals because there aren’t many qualified engineers who want to work for them.  

The business was a global innovator in designing Salesforce solutions. They offer one of the greatest mobile-centric services in the globe. 

H) AddaxCRM 

AddaxCRM LLC, with its rich background in operations, data migration, software integration, website development, e-commerce, Salesforce (R), and data-driven technology, focuses on creating unique, 360-degree business-based solutions for each of its clients.  

We can integrate Salesforce CRM with your business apps, ERPs, and DMPs because we are a Salesforce (R) partner. For Salesforce (R) implementation, customization, and support, we are your one-stop shop.  

For our companies to increase customer happiness and boost sales, they must optimize their present digital procedures. So, if you have an idea, let’s come up with a solution together. 


The above-mentioned companies are the best in testing the software. They have the best tools and techniques to conduct different kinds of testing. Even they have the best skillset and are very mindful in testing the Software. When the quality of software testing is up to mark, the software will be of high grade which captures a huge set of audience in a short period. 

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