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When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Car Battery

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A vehicle is the sum of its parts. When it has the right equipment, and all are well-maintained, the vehicle should run efficiently. Your vehicle’s battery is especially important to how well your car operates. Without it, of course, it doesn’t work.

However, the integrity of car batteries deteriorates over time. Not even a 2015 Chrysler 200 battery lasts forever, and eventually must be replaced. By paying attention to some important things related to performance as well as the battery’s details, you’ll have a good idea of when it needs to be replaced.

Before Battery Dies Completely

Once the battery has been serviced your vehicle for three years, it enters the phase of its life when it should be checked annually. You can test your vehicle’s battery with a handheld multimeter. Many people see the three-year threshold as the ideal time for replacement because batteries that are four and five years old steadily, and noticeably, lose their reliability. 

Signs of Dead Battery Is Showing

A 2016 Nissan Rogue battery will let you know, like all car and truck batteries, when it’s had enough. There are many signs. One common sign is that your car will start sluggishly. You might have to turn the key several times before the engine turns over. This might mean that the starter motor is not getting any power from the battery.

When your vehicle begins to have starting consistency issues, the battery is likely losing its integrity. If you start the engine, but instead of idling, it dies, it could mean that there was only enough power to turn the engine over, but do not sustain it.

Seasonal changes can also show a battery’s age. When fall begins to turn to winter and there are freezing temperatures, the vehicle will be harder to start. 

If there is no sound or interior lights when you turn the key to the accessory position, the battery could be failing. Likewise, they will remain off when you switch the key to the on position and won’t activate until the vehicle is started.

Signs That You Can See on or Near the Battery

If you raise the hood and look at the battery, you’ll have more insights. You might see corrosion, which resembles a blue-green powder, near the battery terminal. This reduces the battery’s ability to produce a charge. Corrosion is one of the most common causes of a battery’s shortened lifespan.

If you smell rotten eggs, it probably means that there is a lead acid battery leak. This battery will need replacing immediately.

If you’ve covered a lot of miles and a lot of time without thinking about your vehicle’s battery, you might consider checking your owner’s manual to see what its lifespan is. If it’s an older model, you can surely find its replacement. A 2014 Nissan Altima battery, like most, can be found with a little bit of searching. Visit an auto parts store today, in person or online, and find the replacement battery that your car needs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

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