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Samsung is one of the most well-known brands in the world of electronic gadgets and it’s smartphones are very popular. Many people ask for more information on these brands and their products.

Below, I’ve provided details regarding Samsung’s Country of Origin and Manufacturing Units, Samsung India and the latest updates.

Let’s get started by discussing our main topic.

Are Samsung Phones Made in Korea/China?

Samsung has been an South Korean company. Samsung Electronics is part of the Samsung Group which started in 1938. The year was 1938 when Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul, a trader.

Samsung electronics began in the year 1960, and is headquartered in Suwon. Samsung electronics has assembly facilities and sales and service in 74 countries but have you ever wondered where are Samsung phones made or manufactured totally?

In addition there are manufacturing units in countries such as South Korea, India, Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia. What? China not in the list? I have not included China in this article since Samsung has shut down its last smartphone manufacturing factory in China in the year 2018. It also shut down its TV manufacturing plant in China in 2020.

Samsung is among the most renowned brands in the world of electronics. In 2020 Samsung’s global brand value is now at the eighth most valuable.

At first the majority of Samsung phones were created and produced at South Korea and China. Today, just 10% of phones are made by South Korea and the remaining 90% of the phones are made in factories all over the world.

Who owns Samsung?

Samsung Group is the owner of Samsung Company. In this regard, Lee’s family holds the most ownership in Samsung with 16% of overall Samsung shares. However, 50% the shares of Samsung are held through the US and the remainder is owned by Korea and other nations. Therefore, Foreign Investors are more for Samsung and have been investing in increasing numbers. So, it’s not a good idea to choose a on a single owner as the majority of the shares owned by various nations.

Samsung Company in India:

“Samsung India” is an affiliate that is part of Samsung Electronics, which is a South Korean company.

More than any other nation, Samsung invested heavily in India and continues to do the same. Samsung operates in India for the past 20 years, and is currently building its Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh plants.

Around 90% of Samsung mobiles that are sold on India are made or constructed in India. They also own three R&D centers, and around 45,000 workers working in these factories.

In the last few months, Samsung decided to shift its display manufacturing unit to China in to India and has invested approximately 5 crore. It is the 3rd largest manufacturing facility for display worldwide.

In addition to investing into Uttar Pradesh, company will also receive support through government officials from the Uttar Pradesh government through special incentives.

The straight answer to your question is

Samsung isn’t an Indian company and it isn’t an Chinese firm too. Presently, just like Apple, that has split up iPhone manufacturing worldwide to meet up production demands, Samsung manufactures the majority of mobile phones manufactured within India in addition to Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries like Korea as well.

Are Samsung phones made in India?

Some Samsung phone are manufactured from India. Like I mentioned before the largest manufacturing hub of Samsung is India. Samsung has manufacturing facilities located in Uttar Pradesh and Noida in India.

The most important thing is that India is not only the place to assemble but also produces Samsung phones.

In the year the year 2019, Samsung’s capacity manufacture handsets in India was 68 million, and Samsung is expanding it by 120 million. Samsung’s investment of Rs. 5,500 crore will more than double the Smartphone production capability in India.

I’ve already stated that the majority of phones that are sold from Samsung from India are produced in India. And, not only that, Samsung is exporting phones from India to countries outside of India too. Indian-made Samsung phones for business are sold into the US, Europe and Africa.

Samsung phones are manufactured in various countries and are distributed across a variety of countries. However, due to manufacturing facilities in India Samsung’s phones are designed were designed for the Indian as well as some other markets are manufactured in India.

After having read this article I believe you’ve realized what I am saying. Samsung phones are manufactured in India.

Are Samsung phones made in China?

Yes, Samsung phones aren’t manufactured in China. The South Korean giant shuts down the Chinese smartphone factories and is focusing on expanding India & other manufacturing plants.

In the beginning, Samsung was making phones in China as well as India and also owned two plants in China. However, the cost of labor and the quality of components in China was growing.

The result was that Samsung’s share fell by one percent within the industry. Moreover the company was not among the top 10 smartphone companies in China. Samsung has also observed that its dependence on China has grown significantly.

Therefore, Samsung shut down both factories in China in the year 2019. The whole process was conducted in few countries: Vietnam, India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

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