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Sagrada Familia
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Taking the La Sagrada Familia tour is likely at the top of your list if you’re travelling to Barcelona. Sagrada Familia receives over 3 million visitors annually, and on any given day, waiting in line for a ticket to access this UNESCO World Heritage Site could take hours of your time. If there was a way to bypass the line, wouldn’t you take advantage of it so you could spend more time enjoying Barcelona’s charms?

Continue reading to learn how to reserve Skip the Line Sagrada Familia tickets even two months in advance to visit the cathedral’s enchanted interiors. Everything you need to know before visiting Sagrada is in the guide.

Sagrada Familia’s wait times and what to anticipate

The Sagrada Familia attracts a large number of visitors each day, thus the lines at the ticket offices can easily extend for up to two hours. You will be exhausted from the lines even before you enter the Basilica when you combine them with the sweltering Mediterranean sun.

Purchasing a Skip The Line ticket to Sagrada Familia online in advance is the easiest way to avoid this intimidating line. You could attempt a handful of the other suggested tricks to avoid the Sagrada Familia line-ups. Continue reading to learn more.

6 Ways to Sagrada Familia Line-Skipping:

The long line of people waiting to get tickets to see La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is proof of how well-liked the building is by both residents and visitors. We are aware that standing in line to get tickets to see the phenomenon known as the Sagrada Familia might be demoralizing.

1. Purchase Sagrada Familia tickets with no queue in advance

Tickets for the Sagrada Familia can be purchased online well in advance of your journey to Barcelona. You will receive an electronic copy of your ticket, which you may present at the Sagrada Familia to receive priority admission after you confirm your reservation with the day and time of your visit.

2. Schedule a tour of the Sagrada Familia.

Going with a knowledgeable tour is one of the greatest methods to visit any location, especially a historical landmark like the Sagrada Familia. In this instance, selecting this option not only offers you access to a wealth of information but also gets you priority to the building. You have three tour options to select from, depending on your preferences: a self-guided tour, a tour with an audio guide, or a guided Sagrada Familia tour with a certified official guide.

3. Be on time

Every day at 9:00 AM, when La Sagrada Familia opens, there are the fewest visitors. Since many visitors arrive before the gates open, it is not an absence. You do, however, get to enjoy the basilica with a much smaller audience present.

4. Pay a Monday visit

Visitors frequently believe the Sagrada Familia is also closed on Mondays, even though most museums in Barcelona are. Even on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, it is open. Since most visitors believe it is closed on Mondays, it is a little less crowded and the ideal day to visit without crowds.

5. Purchase Nativity Facade tickets

Think about Plan Z. There is a separate entry for the Nativity Façade tower from the main entrance. The majority of visitors avoid going to this area of the basilica since it requires going down a flight of high stairs. 6. A special ticket is required to visit this area, which costs roughly €29 and ensures a 15-minute window to entrance and breathtaking views over Eastern Barcelona.

6.Get the Park Guell + Sagrada Familia combo offer

Without wasting time waiting in line, skip the long ticket lines and see these well-known Catalan landmarks. The Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, two of his most stunning and bizarre contributions to Catalan Modernism, will be visited on this guided trip. 

Additional things to keep in mind:

Best time to visit

The optimum time to visit Sagrada Familia is between nine and ten in the morning. Early in the day, there are fewer elevator lines to wait in, there are fewer people around, and it will be simpler to ascend the towers. When the afternoon sun shines through the vibrant glass fragments in the stained glass windows at noon, the windows are at their best.

If you can’t make it in the morning, try to avoid going between 12 and 3 because these are the busiest times. Avoid these three hours at all costs because it is peak viewing time for the stained glass phenomenon and there are fewer guided tours available.

If you are taking the Sagrada Familia tour, make sure to go through this article to avoid the tourist traps and thus saving your mind. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your tickets online. Safely travel!

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