5 Effective Tips for Promoting Your Business on Instagram

promoting business on Instagram
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The potential that Instagram offers for all those companies that seek to improve their brand identity is extraordinary. One of the strongest points that Instagram has is its ability to build strong and close relationships with its users. Promoting business on Instagram, allowing in this way to carry out loyalty strategies, which are very useful to create a community and increase the number of Instagram followers of the brand.

However, with each day passing, it is becoming a bit difficult to get better reach at your content due to the intense competition.

But today, we’re bringing you the solution, and find out those tips that can help you in promoting your business effectively on Instagram. If you put them into practice you can achieve great results and reach many more people interested in your business.

Since, the main intent of this promotion is to generate more sales and attract new customers. Therefore this guide will be particularly focusing on those on those aspects that will ultimately result in more revenue for your business.

But, firstly, let’s have a look at these interesting data.

Some Interesting Data

According to the 2019 Annual Study of Social Networks, promoted by IAB for the Spanish market, we can verify that Instagram is the social network that is growing at an exponential pace. Women being the ones who use it the most. Other interesting data that we can get from this report are:

  • Instagram is the third most valued social network among Internet users.
  • The mobile device leads the connections to this platform, while the computer does so on Facebook.
  • 72% of the users who were part of the sample of this report, declared to follow various brands on the Internet.
  • Brands that have a profile on social networks inspire more confidence.
  • Searching for product information on social networks is still a recurring trend before buying online. 62% of the people who declare to do so are women.
  • 79% of brands that advertise on social networks, declare to do so to sell more. Followed by those brands, 59%, who claim to do so by giving better customer service to their users.

Analyzing all this data, we come to the conclusion that social networks have recently become one of the main sales channels on the Internet. As reflected in the aforementioned study statistics, looking at Instagram, it is one of the social networks best valued by its users.

Since it is designed to be used through mobile phone and an ideal platform to showcase for thousands of businesses. Therefore we must think about how to urgently include this channel within our social media marketing strategies. Some people have even included buying Instagram Followers as a part of their strategy.

Description is important

The product description is also very important for sales because it will show key features about the product. For example, if you are selling a car, it is very important to say a little more about the mileage, brand, exchange rate, if it is auction (devalued) and much more.

When the customer does not see this information, he tends to go to another ad or can send a message to ask, and if you take too long to respond, he may withdraw from the purchase.

The same goes for those who sell cakes, snacks and more: say what is inside the food, what can be removed, if it is not recommended for lactose allergy sufferers, and much more.

The more information that is exposed about your product, the better!

Plan your content

Maybe not everyday we have interesting and visually appealing content to publish for our audience. That is why we must plan our posts and draw up an editorial calendar that helps us keep track of the content we are publishing. A tip, try different times of the day to see which time range works best for you. And remember: quality must prevail over quantity.

Use cool photos to promote your business on Instagram

The easiest way to post great photos for your brand is to always be prepared to take them. Keep your smartphone and Instagram account ready and waiting. You will soon end up with more photos than you might think!

By posting catchy images about your service, you run the risk of scaring off customers. Instagram is a completely visual social network and it is more than necessary to encourage this aspect. 

By making original photos that connect with your audience, you greatly increase your likes in each post, which is also a form of social proof. 

So don’t hesitate to post multiple images from different angles. And besides, if you sell clothes, for example, you can put pictures of people wearing them to show you more about how the pieces fit. 

Tips for finding those interesting photos:

  • Take behind-the-scenes photos that people always want to see.
  • Use Instagram filters to make your photo stand out.
  • Use a short description that perfectly describe the photo.
  • Do not be afraid to take pictures of happy customers with your products, they would certainly appreciate these new opportunities for more notoriety on the Internet!

GoPro is one of the best brands on Instagram. Their reliance on single photos is a pretty obvious choice since they sell a camera that is known to deliver some interesting shots.

Use copywriting techniques

Another tip that we usually give to our users is related to copywriting techniques. In short, they are all about using persuasion in your favor to get more sales on a product.

Side by side with copywriting we also have storytelling techniques. It is about telling a story to the user and causing a series of triggers that are aimed at audience retention. Which is great for increasing sales and getting followers on Instagram.

For instance, assuming you are working with erotic products and have the goal of selling handcuffs.

You can use terms like “tired of the monotony of marriage?” “The marriage cooled off!”, thus, the reader feels inside the story because it is common for these problems to occur within a relationship and people tend to look for solutions to the most intimate problems on the internet.

Another example is also regarding products for penis enlargement: “are you tired of having low self-esteem?” “For a long time you suffered from a small penis and did this affect your sexual relations?”

Ask questions that you know the reader will answer will be yes, that is, yes.

Examine the use of hashtags on your Instagram

Hashtags are meant to categorize photos well so that people can find groups of images that interest them. Try to find existing hashtags to help your brand gain some feed.

To get the most out of hashtags and to help us promote our brand on Instagram, We must know which are the main hashtags related to our business and put them in each of our posts. Later, we can analyze which of them works best, we do not recommend using more than 11 hashtags in each post.

Using 2 or 3 hashtags on 1 photo is also fine. Using a more generic hashtag can, especially when accompanied by your own hashtag, help build your brand image. Choose hashtags that are appropriate for your brand, you would not want to generate spam which will negatively impact your Instagram for business account. Other than that, if you buy Instagram Likes then it can multiply your chances of getting better engagement rate.

For business Instagram accounts, followers are the biggest asset

You have a fantastic product and your Instagram Followers know it. If you really want to know how to use Instagram for your business, ask them. Make them part of your brand by getting them to share your photos, as well as their own images and experiences with your products or services. You can encourage them in several ways:

  • Offer to share their photos on your account to increase their number of followers;
  • Start contests with winnings;
  • Set up an online poll or voting system to vote for the “best” photo.

Remember that the purpose of social media is first and foremost to be social. If you are not having fun, you are not creating fun. If there is no fun, your customers will find it elsewhere!

Advertise on Instagram with Facebook

From Facebook you can advertise directly on Instagram, selecting in locations this platform as a dissemination tool. Relax … we already know that it is not an easy task! For all those companies or new entrepreneurs who still feel lost when developing their own campaigns on social networks.

Create events and parties online

All this to the entertainment mentioned above. Personally, I prefer the term “evening” to “event”. Events sound like something where you go with your mom or boss in an austere costume, parties sound like something where you go out with your friends in your trendy new clothes!

To make these parties happen, you should:

  • Create an event-specific hashtag, promote it weeks in advance
  • Continuously upload your own photos on the day of the event, be prepared in advance
  • Have a purpose for it all: are you promoting a new version of the product, a promotion, is it your company’s anniversary?

The best and biggest parties always have a purpose. From a wedding party to a birthday party, there is always interest and you will need it too.

By using the techniques above, you can continue to grow, engage, and entertain the audience we find you. Don’t forget to have fun, so you’ll have a good time using your Instagram for business.

Leave the link to Whatsapp

Another key point for those who work with social networks is to leave links that lead to Whatsapp, this makes communication even faster and the user spends less time between research and purchase decision.

Furthermore, through WhatsApp communication is much faster and easier. In this way, it helps a lot those who don’t access social networks much like Facebook and Insta.

There are a number of sites that do linking to the message chat.


Did you know that the more you interact on social media, the more reach your posts will have on Instagram?

That’s right!

Have you ever thought about having up to triple the number of people seeing your product ad? This is possible and you just need to be a more active person on the platform and use the techniques to increase your views.

Techniques to Increase Your Views:

  • Humorous content on Instagram
  • Question Box
  • Controversial Polls

By having more people accessing the items that are for sale, the chances of being able to sell more are even greater.

So, the tip we give is to spend more hours of your day online, commenting and enjoying other people’s posts.

Have more payment methods

Selling to Instagram doesn’t mean that you will only sell to your city. In some cases, you may end up finding people from all over Brazil who are interested in buying your products.

Therefore, it is necessary to have other forms of payments that are not just cash, such as the PIX, bank account and even the issuance of bank slips.

In some cases, especially customers who are in another region further away, to ensure that the product will actually arrive, they may ask you to post the item on Mercado Livre, ML, and that all negotiations be done there. That’s way, if they pay and you don’t send it, they can claim the money back as a refund.

Stay connected with your top fans and influencers

Remember that as a brand, you need to reach the largest number of users within your target audience and spread your “message” the more the better. Follow those accounts that show great interest in your business. Interact with them and create a strong bond. We must also follow those accounts that have a large number of followers and that fit our target audience.


There is no doubt that there are many other factors that can help you achieve success in this social network. However, these 5 tips are a good start to help you achieve the brand awareness that you expect on Instagram. In the next posts we will continue to delve especially into the potential that Instagram offers you, as a fundamental platform in your marketing strategy. Stay connected!

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