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Instagram Analytics Tools

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Did you know you can use Instagram analytics tools for audience gender, location, demographics, and many other metrics? These analytics can help you target your audience the right way. So, if you do not know the free tools you need, we have all the best ones you need. Ensuring the use of the right ones is a must.

1-Instagram Analytics Would Work

This free tool can help you with insights that can help with the analysis of content and knowing what to do next. It is a tool by Instagram that would certainly be the most authentic data hub for any digital marketer. So, you can try this one for demographics and behaviors. 

You can get to know the gender and age group for better advertisement and overall marketing. At the same time, you can use these for age range, online times, and locations.

The time metrics can help you schedule the content. You know what the online patterns that your followers stick to are. The same tool can help you know how much response you got for a certain type of content. You can measure all types of responses and content types that got them. 

Another great feature you can find is “profile visits,” website clicks, and website follows you got. There are a host of other features that you can avail of without paying a single cent. Try using its data for every feature on Instagram, and it is the best and most authentic one you can go for.


The use of Crowdfire can help you with several Instagram indicators. Its use would help you track mentions and be aware of how your social media account is going. It would also help more than one user to access an account. At the same time, you can monitor the competition by knowing the performance.

This tool has more than one pricing plan. You can use the free plan, a plus package, a premium, and a VIP plan. The experts believe that the use of plus package would be a great idea to go for.


It is a good tool to have better insights into growth, reach, and engagement. Iconosquare is one of the tools that allow you to share your metrics. This means you can use this feature to have better communication with your clients and team. It can help you with benefits like good communication and monitoring of the status. So, you can share these metrics with your clients and team.


This analytics tool can help you with a host of the most important metrics information. You can try it to measure your engagement, and so its use can help you have better metrics in this section.

Squarelovin can help you by analyzing Instagram stories. It would help you know about your stories’ reach, impressions, and completion rate. Its use can help you with separate information of both videos and photos. So, you can use it for a better understanding of what is working and what needs improvements.

Squarelovin’s features allow accounts evaluations and other points. You can use it for growth and performance metrics and create a report from it. If you are looking for something to know about influencers’ activity, you would love its features. It allows you to download the reports as XLS and PDF files, which are easy to access and share.

5-Pixlee Use

Pixlee is another free tool that can help you with several metrics. You can try using this one for the best analytics. You can try it for several metrics. Its use will help if you are looking to discover new influencers. 

Its use is also effective if you need the best content you posted. You can know which features remain constant in your marketing to get more Instagram followers and help with marketing. Its use can help you analyze your brand campaign performance.

6-Falcon Analytics 

Some experts consider it one of the best tools for Instagram analysis. You can try using it for real-time metrics for your social media. It also helps with dashboard templates that you can use for customizing according to your needs. At the same time, you can use it to create reports customized to your needs. You can also use it for scheduling reports, and it helps you save time. 


Its use can help you by improving results as you run marketing campaigns. This tool can help you improve brand awareness and measure results. You can use it to track results across social media channels.

Its use can help you with reach, hashtag performance. You can improve your brand reputation by acting according to its analytics. So, try to have results with a proper channel and use this tool for effective monitoring of your accounts. It is an easy way to track your followers and find a way to help you out.


This tool has different versions like many others. You can use it for a variety of metrics analyses, and it offers a free version too. Its use is effective for engagement rate, average engagement rate, and comment rate information.

You can use Analisa for tags, mentions, posting activity, and audience engagement too. Its features can help you by understanding average engagement rates and comments per post. These features are super helpful for all kinds of metrics understanding.

Analisa is an effective tool for the information of hashtag reports. This section would allow you to know about the contributors, impressions, and posts that contain the same hashtags. Moreover, you can also use it for comments and likes. If you are looking to have results about average engagement time, you can do that as well. Detailed information can help you have amazing results that simply help you get to the top of your Instagram performance understanding.


This tool can help you with the understanding of mentions, engagements, and growth. It helps you understand what kind of content is hottest and would help you know about its engagement too. At the same time, you can know what followers are mentioning most. 


This tool is considered one of the best for diving deep into profiles and can help with performance. You can track an influencer’s performance with this one effectively and know about audience demographics and industry verticals. 

Sylo is effective in knowing about the engagement according to the demographics. You can use it to know if a certain area people show more interest in your posts or not. So, you can understand the performance and know what you would work most and what would not. 


TrendHERO is a great tool to know about audience information and their interests. Its amazing features allow you to know about subscribers and subscriptions. Trying it for audience-type details and helping search influencers is also a great idea. You can use it for searching by active accounts and searching by engagements.

trendHERO is a great means to get information about your competitors. It would help you know about what your competitors are promoting. At the same time, you can use it for ad posts results like comments, views, and reactions. It is one of the few tools that can help you search by date and give metrics accordingly.

If you are looking to outreach influencers, it is a great tool for that as well. You can use it for connecting with the influencers you are looking to hire. Its use can help you connect with many influencers in a short time. Moreover, you can use it for better response rate tracking. Just like what most tools give, you can export the reports to your device and work accordingly. It offers PDF and Excel lists export. 


Keyhole can help with a host of diversified and detailed features for Instagram analysis. Its use can help you with profile vetting, tracking ROI, discovering influencers, and account measuring. Keyhole is an effective way to compare analysis, know the demographics of the audience, and know about hashtag performance. 

13-Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a great free tool that can help you with audience demographics, number of posts, top posts, and hashtag tracking. You can use it for competitor analysis, marketing campaign performance analysis, and others. It is a free Instagram analytics tool that would help you better understand how you can go viral.

Final Thoughts

The use of Instagram analytics tools can help you with improved results on investment for all levels of this platform. Falcon, Instagram analytics, Union metrics, trendHERO, and SYLO are effective ones for helpful results. You can use these tools to effectively solve all kinds of data needs for better Instagram reach.

All of these tools do have a free version at the same time; they offer more detailed and professional versions with paid versions. It totally depends on which one suits you and how you actually wish to have results. So, choose according to your need and budget, as these tools are super effective in all versions.  


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