5 Tips to Promote your Business on Instagram

Promote your Business on Instagram
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Have you ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth 1000 words”? Well, this saying on social networks becomes a dogma, images and videos are the most dynamic content, the most shared on social networks. And since Instagram is one of the most visual social networks, here we are going to tell you how to take advantage of Instagram for Business to improve the relationship with your audience and speak correctly with your target audience.

Since it was acquired by Facebook, Instagram has gradually established itself as a highly profitable advertising business.

But if you want to get the most out of Instagram, you need to go beyond just posting pretty photos or engaging videos. Here are some resources your business should use to be more successful on Instagram. Keep reading!

1 – Create a commercial profile for your business

If you run a company, multiple brands, or multiple businesses, Instagram business profiles give you the ability to enter specific business data (such as email, phone, and physical address).

In addition, with this type of account, the administrator can access the Insights, which contain information and graphs related to the audience and the interactions of your followers with each of the publications.

These features provide benefits to businesses that want to use Instagram to engage more users by helping them target posts to their followers and manage their interactions with their audience.

2 – Take care of the quality and composition of your images and videos

Use images that have good quality and that are also scaled to the publication size that Instagram establishes.

When taking the photos that you are going to upload to Instagram, try to analyze the best angle, lighting and other photographic aspects, to create an image that has the best capturing power on Instagram. You can also enhance your photos using the application’s filters, as well as edit them with the help of specialized software, such as Photoshop.

Our advice is to be authentic. It’s better to post fewer photos, but make them more original, tell a story, or capture that different moment. Post short videos, interspersed with the images. Edit a publication text that is not limited to describing the image, but complements it with other resources, such as emojis, hashtags…

As on Facebook, on Instagram you have to keep your profile updated. Try not to saturate your profile with images of the business’s products and services. Add value with phrases, famous quotes, visual games, tips or recommendations… Remember that on social networks you must share with yourself value for your audience.

3 – Follow the trends and create direct texts, with hashtags

Analyze current trends and keep track of the most used hashtags (#) or tags each day, to insert into your publications those that are in accordance with the content and field of activity of your business.

Creating your own hashtag is also valid to encourage users to share comments and photos about your business, its events, products or services. In addition, this personalized hashtag allows you to monitor the reach of your company in networks, if it is, for example, an event or a product launch.

The Instagram text should be direct, informal, with calls to action, which motivate you to comment, give that “Like” or send the post. Keep in mind that it should not be very extensive, but it should provide something more than what the image itself explains. Don’t just describe it.

4 – Use Stories to reach more people

Stories are a type of publication that on Instagram provides a greater reach, reaching a much larger audience. The “Lives” are available 24 hours a day, they are ephemeral, but they also have a more direct and functional format, telling something very specific, facilitating the link to other content.

They are, in fact, the perfect option to share content from your website because they allow links, something that is not possible in the case of normal Instagram posts.

The Stories have been conceived to show the day to day, that everyday life. Don’t try to create a complex message or it won’t be understood! If you want to talk about a product or service, stick to a detail that it has and is relevant or to the main solution that it brings to your client, without going into details. He always tries to conceptualize everything in an image.

5 – Interact with your followers, offering them advantages for following you

Keep an eye on your followers’ Feed or main screen, respond to comments on their posts, and make mentions in strategic posts. Whenever someone posts something related to your brand, like and comment on the photos. This generates even more commitment and creates intimacy with your audience, which is called “engagement” in the language of the community manager.

Remember to link your Instagram to other social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), to encourage your audience to also follow the other communication channels of your business.

Publish promotions or benefits for your followers, such as special discounts or exclusive products. In this way, you will increase the number of followers and you will also retain the ones you already have, turning them into customers.

Instagram and the power of its images for your business

Images exert great power over Internet users, arousing emotions faster and more intensely than texts. As a result, sharing photos on online platforms has become an effective digital marketing action for companies.

Instagram differs from the rest of the social networks, since it is completely based on images. When used creatively, it can be a very useful tool in consolidating your brand in the marketplace.

Follow our advice and start using Instagram for your business. Remember to share varied content, not only about your products or services, but also with entertaining content that adds value to your followers, according to their interests and your voice as an expert in a certain sector.

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