Problems with shipping? Here’s a Quick Fix for Ecommerce Merchants

Problems with shipping

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Finding solutions to shipping problems can be exhausting because there are many factors to consider when solving one. It can get expensive, and there could be delays – not to mention damaged goods and lost packages. While these problems do not often happen, you might still wish to have quick shipping for eCommerce merchants.  

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It may sound easy, but getting an item from one place to another is much more complex than you imagine. For many small eCommerce merchants, sales will not be inconsistent, as there will be days when sales will be low to none. As you build a reputable business, expect to have more challenges to come.  

It involves a lot of tedious work, especially keeping your customers satisfied. To make that happen, you have to take exceptional care of everything. On the other hand, for more energy-saving business tips, click here.

eCommerce made shopping easier for the consumer, owing its success to the shipping industry. It is an indispensable part of the operation, making it difficult for the entire eCommerce industry to survive without it. However, things could go wrong when handing over the item to the courier. 

While your responsibility as a seller does not end until the items reach the receiver’s doorsteps, you cannot do anything once you turn over the package to the courier. There is still a possibility of a return due to damages and other issues. 

Fortunately, there are simple and quick fixes to your shipping problems. The first thing you need to do is to identify the problem, then find ways to solve it. Since shipping can be complex and composed of various setups, understanding and following each rule can help you mend the issues. To help you solve your shipping problems, here are some key shipping obstacles and how to fix them.  

Simple Quick Fixes for Simple Shipping Problems

Shipping Problem #1 – How to lower your shipping costs?

Cost is the dominating factor when it comes to shipping. Unfortunately, shipping can be expensive due to numerous factors, like fluctuating fuel cost, destination, and season. Yet, all is not lost; there are still ways to prevent inflation. 

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Packaging is one of the elements affecting shipping costs. Favorably, it is also a factor that you can adjust to minimize expenses. Since shipping companies include the packaging’s dimensions when calculating the shipping costs, having a container big enough to carry the items but tight enough to keep them safe will work to your advantage. Thus, you will need boxes in different proportions. 

On the other hand, you need to know that fillers, including bubble wraps and packing peanuts, also have various weights. Choose a filler that will not add much weight to the package yet is reliable enough to secure the items. 

Shipping Problem #2: How can you prevent delays when shipping your products?

Similar to shipping costs, delays are factors that are challenging to avoid. Delays are caused by different circumstances, such as geographical events and weather, which you cannot control. Yet, there are still ways to mitigate it. 

Shipping calendars can help you manage each shipment. While you can ship your packages earlier than expected, proper planning gives you enough time to resolve any possible hold-up. On top of that, this simple gesture means you care a lot about your customers. 

If you are looking into express shipping via USPS to cut down on the delays, click here

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Meanwhile, incorrect information can also lead to delays, so ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed correctly. As easy as it sounds, this saves you a lot of time on border inspections and avoids the hassle. If you fill out all the vital documentation, the faster it gets through Customs. 

On the other hand, shipping companies, like Stallion Express, can process the paperwork on your behalf. Thus, you do not have to worry about working on the necessary documents. 

Shipping Problem #3: How can I ensure the safety of my packages?

Apart from being prompt, your package should also arrive safely. To ensure that, you should take extra precautions in your packaging. Choosing suitable packaging materials can minimize expenses. Furthermore, the courier must have a sturdy container to protect its content during transit. You may also fill the empty gaps with fillers, like bubble wraps and packing peanuts.

You must consider paying for insurance to get the necessary compensation when something goes wrong because many things can happen during transit. Insurances are a great way to protect you from losing money and save you many frustrations.  

On top of that, you should also look for a shipping provider with a tracking feature. Tracking ensures your packages reach their destination. Lost and damaged packages can hurt your brand, and it could happen to anyone. It is an excellent plan to satisfy your customers. 

Online business success relies on the tight efficiency of the shipping industry. A moment’s delay could have a colossal impact on your sales and damage your brand. Having simple answers to mitigate shipping problems could better your chances of success. 

Running a business can be troublesome at best. But always remember that there is a solution to every problem. Life would not be satisfying without running into some issues. It would not be as rewarding as it is without a few difficulties. You will face challenges in running your business as the days pass. Armed with the knowledge of handling these problems, it is up to you to rise to the occasion.

In summary, there are countless shipping problems that you need to resolve as an eCommerce merchant. You have a lot to deal with, from lowering shipping costs to ensuring safe and timely delivery. No one said that running a business is a walk in the park. But with the right mindset, diligence, and a bit of know-how, you can find success in every venture you take. 


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