Struggling to Prepare for the IB Math HL: My 5 Key Tips

IB Math HL

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One of my teachers told me that everything around you is mathematics. So, my friends, let us talk about our favorite subject, IB Math. I know we all have a love and hate relationship with Math. Sometimes we feel that we should lock this subject in the coldest and darkest room in a tower and throw the keys away. However, like the mentioned quote, we cannot run away from it. Therefore, we should swim in the Math pool rather than run around it. 

To ace your IB Math, you need to prepare better, and here are my 5 Key Tips to help you do the same. 

  • Start Early and Plan 

A goal without a plan is just like jumping in the dark, so goal-setting is the priority. When you look at successful men/women in any profession, the one common thing is that they always have plans for their goals. 

So start preparing as soon as possible because we know that you may delay, but time will not wait for you. So don’t wait for your exams to start your practice. 

The more time you have on hand, the better you will be prepared. Get a good book, make notes or get an online subscription to any of the IB resource websites like TribeTopper. 

  • Manage your Time and Clear your basics 

Good time management helps the students to finish their work in time. Rather than piling all your work to the last minute, set time limits for yourself and slot different topics in your study time. It will help you keep your concepts fresh and improve your cognitive skills. 

For IB Math, you need to practice for at least one hour at least every day till the exam day.

One of my favorite quotes is having a solid foundation in the subject. If your basics are strong, then your concepts become clear. It will help you build a superstructure on top of it, meaning you can score a 7. 

In IB Mathematics, your basics are formulas and their applications. Clearing your basics will help you to solve high-level questions. 

In addition, keep short notes handy for your preparation. It is better for your quick revision before the exam. It will save your energy and time during exams and is an easier way to recall important points. 

To create short notes, summarize the paragraphs. Highlight or number out key points for you to easily remember and solve questions. 

  • Revision and Homework 

Revision is your shield in exams. If you have done your revision thoroughly, you will feel prepared and confident. It will reduce your anxiety and have a relaxed mind during test-taking. Hence revision is one of the best ways to clear your concepts or confusion.

If you do your homework on time, then you are revising daily. It will help you learn how to apply formulas in answers, clear your basics, and lastly, you will have a good idea of the sections you are struggling in. 

Keep a close look at your mistakes, try not to repeat the same mistakes. I know it is easier said than done, but this is the key to success. Lesser the mistakes, the more the grades. 

  • Train Your Brain 

Surprise! Brian is a muscle, and you need to exercise to keep it sharp and fresh. The human mind is too complex. It’s funny that we remember small silly things in our life but are unable to recall important points during exams. In short, we can’t remember all of the meaningful elements unless we keep memorizing or practicing them daily. 

Therefore make sure that you are practicing your chapters by revising your key concepts, doing past papers and checking their solutions. Do topic wise question banks and more quiz based questions. 

Play games like Chess and Sudoku to train your brain and take a break from studying. Outdoor games are fun, too, if you have time to indulge in your favorite sports. 

  • Reward and Rest 

Lastly, I recommend that you reward yourself whenever you reach an important milestone or achieve a specific goal. Goals and rewards help you have something to look forward to. It increases your motivation and makes it easier to follow through with your tasks. 

In addition to rewarding yourself, you should rest to relax your brain and body. 

Schedule time out with your friends or play with your dog. Or go for long walks or listen to music. 

For me, a good night’s sleep is the best medicine. Exams are not easy, you study hard, but you need to give rest to your mind. So I would recommend getting a night of good sleep and taking a hot shower before you go to bed – it always helps me have a sound sleep. 

The Closer

Follow the tips with dedication and focus, and success won’t be far.


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