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Blockchain technology is facilitating revolution in the digital space, paving the way for decentralization. But global adoption of this technology is only possible with blockchain development companies like Oodles Blockchain.

About Oodles Blockchain

Oodles Blockchain is a subsidiary of Oodles Technologies that offers a comprehensive suite of blockchain development services. We have been in the blockchain industry for more than half a decade and have gained significant expertise in developing reliable blockchain solutions for several companies globally. Our team comprises seasoned and skilled blockchain experts who have hands-on experience in developing a variety of blockchain projects, including smart contract development, NFT development, and metaverse development, to name a few. Our combined team effort makes it possible to deliver blockchain-based solutions for businesses and anyone with innovative ideas. We have established ourselves as pioneers in the blockchain industry with a track record of developing inventive solutions.

Our Offerings

Oodles Blockchain provides a range of blockchain-based development offerings to meet varied business needs. We provide firms and startups with advanced blockchain solutions that introduce automation, decentralization, and transparency across business processes. From smart contract development to metaverse blockchain development, you can find every blockchain solution under one roof. Let’s take a more detailed look at our offering that serves a variety of business development needs.

Blockchain-based Solutions for Industries

We offer multiple blockchain-based solutions across various industries like fintech, online streaming, healthcare, supply chain, automotive, real estate, and more. Our blockchain-based solutions include minimum viable product (MVP) development, industrial solutions, and proof-of-concept (PoC) development. Businesses can use MVP to test their ideas with their early customers to get feedback on their blockchain-based product. Moreover, firms can utilize PoC to check the feasibility of their project.

Blockchain Application Development

We cater to your business requirements by offering private, permissioned, and public blockchain solutions. We offer blockchain solutions on platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, Binance, Solana, BigchainDB, and more. Since every blockchain platform comes with unique characteristics, it is crucial to pick the right platform. Moreover, our skilled professionals handpick the right blockchain platform for your business idea as per specific requirements.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development requires a strong knowledge of smart contract languages like Solidity, Cosmos, Substrate, and more. Our smart contract developers have expertise in these languages. Thus, they efficiently give smart contract solutions utilizing these languages. We deploy these self-executing programs for private/public blockchain networks. Consequently, your business gets maximum advantages. Blockchain platforms charge gas fees for smart contract deployment. So, our experts meticulously select the right smart contract platform that caters to your business demands. We offer smart contract-powered services with the highest-level security and transparency standards for enterprise business solutions, DAO, and dApp development.

Fintech/DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Application Development

From e-wallets to stablecoins, decentralized finance (DeFi) has immense potential that brings growth to your business. We provide secure and scalable DeFi application design and development on various blockchain platforms. Our developers have gained a thorough understanding of technical standards for fungible tokens (ERC-20) and programming languages. These skills are essential for DeFi development. Our fintech services include DeFi insurance platform development, crypto wallet development, DeFi yield farming development, DeFi lending platform, STO/ICO development, and more. Our experts can transform your business idea into ready-to-use applications to make you stay ahead of the competition.

NFT Development

The boom of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has enhanced the capabilities of digital assets and artwork. As a result, more firms are moving towards NFT development. However, not every development company knows how to create NFTs. It requires knowledge of cryptography, a crucial technique for developing non-fungible tokens. We have built expertise in this area. We offer end-to-end NFT development services to facilitate the minting, staking, and trading of digital collectibles. Our offerings include NFT smart contract development, metaverse-based NFT marketplace development, NFT-powered DeFi development services, and NFT gaming solutions for your specific business requirement. We also build custom tokens for NFT promotion and financial growth.

Metaverse Blockchain Development

The metaverse creates various business opportunities for brands and their customers. The digital world enhances brand-customer relationships. People can interact with the products and services of brands in real-life spaces. Thus, firms are opting for metaverse development. At Oodles Blockchain, we design and launch end-to-end metaverse solutions fueled by interoperable platforms and three-dimensional digital spaces. Our metaverse development services include the development of a metaverse NFT marketplace, land NFT, avatar, digital payment solutions, and more.

Why Choose Us?

At Oodles Blockchain, we strive for excellence and high customer satisfaction with every project. We have delivered 100+ successful blockchain-based projects to our clients. Our team has thorough technical knowledge and experience in blockchain technology. Moreover, it constantly updates itself with the latest technologies and development approaches, leading to high client satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the first and foremost priority at Oodles Blockchain. We give customized solutions to meet your business requirements. All these factors make us your ideal blockchain development company. 

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