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With about a third of people on YouTube searching for online videos that show them how to do or make something, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in tutorial videos. They’re also a very effective way to showcase your product and build excitement about what it can provide. Furthermore, it has never been easy to make videos online with an online video maker, including tutorials. This video editor, for example, offers you a wide range of templates. With these, you can also drag and drop your own content and edit everything to make it specific for your business.

Making Tutorial Videos with an Online Video Maker

You clearly need to start with a product or service that you want to talk through in your video. Then, with the help of your video maker, you can turn it into some awesome content. Although, review the following steps before you get started to make the best online video possible:

1- Plan your content and write your script

The more you plan then the more likely your online video will look professional and well-made. Even a simple plan with a high-level outline of what you’re going to say is enough. However, if you’re not so confident in front of a camera then you can write a more detailed script. It’s then up to you to practice and feel at ease when making your video. 

2- Choose a video template

Don’t forget that you can browse the templates on your video maker before you even get started with planning your content. It really depends on how your mind works. Some people might find the templates useful to give them initial ideas. Others again find that it hinders their planning process. Regardless, when you get to this stage, you’ll be able to browse for the perfect template and audio file. 

Online Video Maker

3- Record your video and audio if needed

You’ll soon see that many business templates come with fun animations that easily lay out step-by-step instructions that you can use for your own product. It will be easy for you to change the words and simply drag and drop some photos into the video template. Nevertheless, you might also want to create your own video content and audio. Again, once this is ready, you can easily download it into your template and edit it accordingly. This is often the fun part because you can include animations as well as your logo and anything else that might be relevant.  

4- Edit your video

Once you have put everything together then you can use the online video editor settings. Again, you can customize as much or as little as you want and even add effects or other animations. Simply remember that most people have a short attention span and a 2-minute online video is a good rule of thumb. If your product is more complicated though, you might need more time but don’t make your video longer than about 6 minutes and 10 at the very most. In fact, the shorter, the snappier, the better.

5- Distribute your tutorial

Online Video Maker

This might sound obvious, but once you have your online video, you’ll clearly need to make sure it gets to the right people. It’s therefore worth doing some research to make sure that you know your target audience and their preferences. For example, how do they use social media and which platforms do they prefer? How effective can you expect direct emailing to be? What other channels are at your disposal? Another useful tip is to align your online video with a fun or attractive thumbnail. This is because research shows that this tends to mean people are more likely to share it.

The good news is that your online video maker can help you with downloading onto social media. Some, such as, also have one of the best customer service teams who can support you throughout your creation and distribution journey.

Final Recommendations for Making your Tutorial with an Online Video Maker

Everyone wants an amazing online video tutorial. Nevertheless, try not to get too hung up on getting everything absolutely perfect. This is because your video maker ensures a high-quality output for you. All you have to do is to focus on making the content engaging and inspiring with a clear message.

It’s also worth including some special or energizing music that can help build an emotional link with your viewers. Even showcasing a product can inspire people if they feel that it will either improve their lives or perhaps those of others around them. Again, you have many options in your online video maker thanks to the audio libraries you can browse. Either way, do a bit of planning and then jump in and see what comes out on the other side. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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