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Although NBN is a wholesaler and provides wholesale services to suppliers through the NBN broadband access network, you should be familiar with some of the elements provided by NBN providers that are included in the data plans it provides.

Wholesale bandwidth available

Currently, your nbn package gives you a choice of different retail speeds. Our wholesale Traffic Class 2 (TC2) product offers wholesale symmetrical download and upload speeds to vendors and is designed for companies that regularly send and receive large data files and require constant access to time-sensitive applications such as voice services and video conferencing technology.

Wholesale information rate

A plan that provides the same bandwidth at all times is based on a so-called “fixed” information rate, which nbn makes available to providers. Other plans offer network-dependent bandwidth. Of the three wholesale traffic classes, traffic class 1 (TC1) is intended primarily for voice services (VoIP). TC2 offers symmetrical vendor download and upload speeds, as well as a fixed wholesale information rate designed to help vendors support business data services, and Traffic Class 4 (TC4) is an addictive wholesale service. Network designed for basic service providers.

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Next level support from your provider.

Nbn wholesale products can have standard service levels between nbn and vendors: specifying the specific hours (day / night / weekend) of network errors that nbn has an impact can be fixed and how long it is likely to last up to error resolution. Your provider can provide an up-to-date service if you have configured extended service levels with nbn.

The best NBN provider

  1. Aussie Broadband
  2. Westnet
  3. Belong
  4. TPG
  5. Internode
  6. iPrimus
  7. Foxtel
  8. Telstra
  9. iiNet
  10. Dodo
  11. Vodafone
  12. Exetel
  13. Optus

Here are the best NBN providers in Australia rated by customers in Canstar Blue’s 2020 satisfaction survey for over 400 households:

Congratulations to Aussie Broadband for taking first place compared to NBN providers for the second year in a row. The Victoria supplier received top ratings for overall satisfaction, while earning five-star ratings for speed and reliability, customer service and value for money. No wonder the Aussie Broadband continues to impress Australian NBN customers with excellent average speeds, competitive prices and customer service in Victoria.

Aussie Broadband tops a stellar list of NBN providers, including previous winners Internode, TPG and iiNet. While the Aussie Broadband received the best ratings for overall satisfaction, speed and reliability, customer service and value for money, Internode received the only five-star rating for clarity on billing and cost, while Belong also received five stars for the quality-price ratio received.

Finally, to find the best NBN provider for your needs, you need to find the right balance between price, fast performance, and customer service. This is the purpose of our review – based on real-world experiences of consumers like you. If you are only interested in the cheapest NBN plans offered, this is a relatively short presentation. However, if you are more interested in finding the best value, read on as we compare NBN providers large and small to help you find the right offer for you and your family.


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