Have You Heard? 7 Myths About App Marketing

Myths About App Marketing

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Myths are associated with our everyday lives. They are heard and told stories circulating in our personal and professional lives. People keep these illusions in their minds and believe them as true.

Hence, many myths are linked with technological fields such as the internet and mobile. Mobile is the most used thing in domestic and businesses. In businesses, companies build mobile apps for marketing. However, apps are widely used trends among customers nowadays. Therefore, they spend the most time using apps and cannot consider their lives without them. So, apps have become an important part of businesses and individuals to fulfill their regular tasks. They save time, money, and effort.

Since app development is crucial for building apps and marketing them to the niche target audience. The next step that comes after mobile app development is app marketing.

Therefore, it is an essential factor for promoting and advertising your app to the customers. For this reason, companies should deploy their apps to Google Play and Apple App Stores to run on android and iOS. Above all, these are powerful platforms for app marketing and provide millions of downloads daily. Most apps are free of cost and easy to download for customers, while some are paid.

Here are a few myths about mobile app development services for businesses:

App Marketing is Expensive to Build

It is a common myth prevailing among small and medium-sized businesses. They think that building an app is expensive and requires considerable investment for companies. That is not true. Not every app requires a lot of money.

Hence, most apps can be built with a bit of amount of money. Businesses can build dynamic apps. They can add exceptional features and functionalities to attract people to buy. However, app marketing is a significant part of advertising the in-built features and customized apps’ functionalities to draw the audience’s attention at first glance. Therefore, businesses should increase the awareness among customers to buy their apps.

App Marketing Needs Quantity with No Quality

Companies have a vast misconception about building a bulk of apps to increase their sales and profits. They do not pay focus on the quality of apps. Quality is the first and the foremost thing in apps that customers observe. It has a profound impact and negatively impacts the target audience. The poor-quality apps do not work for longer and disappear from the scene.

However, businesses should concentrate on creating high-quality apps tailored to customers’ requirements. Therefore, apps should provide benefits to the users and make their tasks easier. They should not have a beautiful layout design but also robust functionality. Apps must be functional and interactive to ease customers and fulfill their needs.

App Marketing is Ideal for Bigger Companies

It is also a myth about apps. Businesses have a misconception that apps are suitable for large-scale enterprise organizations. Larger companies can afford to build mobile apps in the market. However, there is a breakthrough trend nowadays that mid-sized and small, even new startups are planning to develop apps for their organizations.

Apps are necessary for every organization regardless of size and shape. Small companies are contributing high to app development and marketing. They have a considerable share in the mobile app industry among customers. Today, organizations have tough competition to build, market, and launch apps. Every company is working hard to sell apps that are ideal for customers and meet their overall expectations by all means.

No Need for App Marketing Metrics

It is a wrong concept among businesses. They do not think and realize the importance of app metrics for marketing. Metrics are systems of measurement that measure the traffic, engagement, number of downloads, user session, and lead conversion. Several app marketing metrics are helpful for businesses to understand and help them boost their app growth and success. Every company should install google analytics or app analytics to track and measure these essential metrics to determine their app performance. The famous app marketing metrics include click-through rate, bounce rate, exit rate, churn rate, retention rate, and conversion rate.

UI and UX is not Necessary for App Marketing

UI and UX refer to user interface and user experience. They are primary elements for app development that are also essential for app marketing. Customers like apps for their designs, features, and functionalities. Design is an initial thing that customers glance at first. It must be attractive and compelling to engage and captivate the audience’s attention. The apps should have a smooth and seamless navigation design that makes it easier for users to navigate the app and find the information.

Customer Feedback is not Essential for App Marketing

Businesses have a harmful myth about customer feedback. They have misunderstood this essential marketing factor and ignored it. Apps are made for users. They are user-friendly applications designed to provide a sense of comfort and peace of mind. Businesses should keep in mind and consider customer feedback. They must ask users about their feedback and follow their recommendations to enhance the performance of apps for better functionality. Businesses must create their profiles on review websites such as trust pilot, bright local, yelp, site jabber, google my business, and better business bureau. Customers can post their reviews there and share their personal experiences using mobile apps.

App Marketing Drive Tremendous Money

It is a myth. That is not true. Not every app has the potential to generate revenue and sales. It depends on the trend and demand of the app in the market. Businesses should create apps for customers. They must keep in mind the customer requirements before developing and launching the apps in the market. Adding the latest features and functionalities in apps enhances its value and boosts its demand among the customers. The app sales depend on the proper promotion and marketing. It appeals audience to download and buy the apps to generate sales and drive revenues.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are worthwhile myths that need to be cleared among customers. Businesses should come forward and build more apps to market them properly. They should utilize and implement ways to inspire and attract customers. Companies must build positive awareness among customers and raise the importance of apps in their personal and professional lives.

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